We greet and welcome you in the Name of our Living God of heaven to our Website to know the plain TRUTHS of the Bible, how the Lord is winding up His great plan of Redemption .

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World shaking message series

The Holy Bible speaks of only one Lord God. He is the Saviour and He himself is the Redeemer.

Salvation is quite different from Redemption. The modern Christian world has failed to understand that Redemption is quite different from Salvation.

The early disciples and Apostles were saved, but not Redeemed.

"And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the Redemption of our body."- Romans 8:23 ....

The one and the same Lord God had come to the world two times as THE ONLY BEGOTTEN SON(jn.3:16) and as THE FIRST BEGOTTEN SON(Heb.1.16) at two different stages, with a gap of a time span of about 2000years, to give the salvation and the Redemption respectively to the Church.

This is the end of the World, the Harvest time. This is the age of Redemption. All through the Seven Church Ages, it had been the age of Salvation. The modern Christian preachers without the Revelation of the Redemption have wrong notion and preach the Salvation and the Redemption are one and the same thing....

God has given us His entire authority and power of the Heaven. Very soon we are going to prove and testify to the unbelieving and dying world that Christ Branham is not dead and He is the life. And we are going to manifest and demonstrate by the entire dynamic power and authority of the Holy Ghost....


And when he had opened the Seventh Seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour  - Revelation 8:1

...And here when the Seventh Seal, when He opened it, He also omitted  it again, see. So we see that it is a complete mystery...  - The Seventh Seal (577)



Terrific judgment of God has come up on these Make-believers for not recognizing what God has achieved in Bro. William Branham, in spite of having the Spoken Word Messages.


This message of the Revelation of the Headstone is the greatest message ever given of God to mankind; and it is the continuation of the message of the pyramid. This gives the complete and perfect revelation of Christ.


One Christ died and has produced many Christs at the end of the last church age. The entire theme of the seventh seal is, how man has become perfect Christ".
In this chapter the Holy Spirit is leading us to see the various things that have taken place at various stages of this Great Seventh Seal.



The Profile of The Great  Prophet.

Bro. William Marrion  Branham was born of a very poor family in the hills of Kentucky ...


How I got the revelation that Christ Branham is the Lord.

I was born on 10th January 1935 in a Christian family in the city of kolar Gold field in Karnataka state ...


World shaking message series

Below are the various topics we deal in this site.

1.The Revelation of the mystery  of the  Seventh Seal.

2.The Revelation of the mystery  of the  The Third Pull.

3.The Salvation.

4.The Redemption.

5.The Revelation about the Saviour

6.The Revelation about the Kinsman- Redeemer.

7.The Seventh Seal is the end of the Seventh  Seals

8.The Revelation of mystery of Seven Thunders.


10.The revelation of mystery of the Real Easter.

11.The Revelation of mystery of  Seven manifested sons of God.

12.The Revelation of  the  mystery of the Capstone.(Head stone)

13.The Revelation of the Mystery of  I will ride this trial once again

14.The Revelation of the Mystery of  Tent Vision

15.The Revelation of the Mystery of  Turning the hearts of the children back to the fathers

16.The Revelation of the Mystery of the second appearance of Elijah at the Zero hour  in the count down.

17.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Fourth messenger in the restoration of the Bride tree.

18.The Revelation of the Mystery of another Ephesian Church Age in the laodocean  Church Age.

19.The Revelation of the Mystery of  Christ hood lost and Christ hood regain.

20.The Revelation of the Mystery  of that the Lamb appeared to be slain receiving the sealed book and breaking it open.

21.The Revelation of the Mystery  of how the Alpha has become The Omega.

22.The Revelation of the Mystery of  how Christ Branham is made the Most Holy of  Daniel.9:26.

23.The Revelation of the Mystery of one like the Son of  Man to whom the eternal dominion was given and all the people were commanded to worship him.

24.The Revelation of the Mystery of the resurrection of Christ Branham on the Third day like Jesus Christ on the Third day of his Burial.

25.The Revelation of the Mystery of how Christ Branham is now seated on the Throne of God.

26.The Revelation of the Mystery of  a man standing with a second hand robe holding a second hand sword standing on the foundation laid by Christ Branham.

27.The Revelation of the Mystery of   The New Name

28.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Angel  proclaiming the Eternal Gospel standing in the heaven. (Rev.14:6)

29.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Angel of Rev. 18 coming down from heaven of his glory the entire world was brightened.

30.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Man Child  that was to  rule all the Nations with a rod of Iron.

31.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Two prophets, opening the seals.

32.The Revelation of the Mystery of the gate of the Tabernacle was in the EAST.

33.The Revelation of the Mystery of how the Gospel Light has now come to India, in the EAST.

34.The Revelation of the Mystery of the True Fore-runner to the second coming of the Lord.

35.The message of great Prophet Branham was only the message of Evening Light. It is not the End time message. Because Evening is not the End time ;  but the mid-night.

36.The Revelation of the Mystery of mid-night cry.

37.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Real Daniel, the God's Judge.

38.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Eternal place of worship.

39.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Dead saints having fellowship with the living saints.

40.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Eastern Camp moving first in the Exodus.

41.The Revelation of the Mystery of the STAR that appeared in the EAST to lead the wise men to Christ.

42.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Seven festivals of Jehovah. (Lev.23).

43.The Revelation of the Mystery why a goat was sacrificed on the day of feast of  Atonement ?

44.A sign of the Son of Man has already appeared in heaven.

45.The Revelation of the Mystery how all the things in heaven have become united with all the things on the earth in Christ (Eph.1:9,10).

46.The Revelation of the Mystery of the woman seed crushing the head of the serpent. Who is the woman seed ?

47.The Revelation of the Mystery of the Mount Zion  show-down, wherein  every man from the ruler of a super nation to on ordinary beggar on the  road going to bow his knee and shall confess Christ Branham is the Lord of lords and King of kings.

48.The revelation  of the mystery  of  Moses  of Third Exodus. (without passing through death and go in the rapture along with the brides.)

49.The revelation of mystery of how Great Prophet Branham  became Christ Branham?

50.The revelation of the mystery of Who is William Marrion Branham?


World shaking message series

Great judgment of God is hanging on the people of the BRANHAM tabernacle for  rejecting the bread of life....



The most miserable people ! Highly intellectual !! But, still drinking diluted milk !!!


God has sent Christ Branham as a Trapper !

Blow the trumpet in Zion.



The Super Church, INDIA.