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"A short and quick message that will shake the whole nation" - And knoweth it not(39)

Hello Sir, Are you also a PARROT – MAN?

Hey don’t say “CHRIST BRANHAM” It is a bruised serpent doctrine

If you say so, you are under a great danger. The judgment of God is hanging on you, as you have sinned against the Holy Spirit.

Search the Scriptures, repent and get back to the Word, or perish. HELLO SIR, ARE YOU ALSO ‘A PARROT MAN’?

(It is a challenging message to the so called believers and the preachers of the END TIME MESSAGE)

Parrot is a lower creature. It has no thinking faculty to understand which is correct and which is not correct. But it will just repeat what others say to it, even without any understanding. Man, who was created in the image of God, became a fallen man because of the sin. Now at this end time because of the denominational spirit he has fallen to a still lower status, and has become as worse as a parrot.

At this end time God has already finished His great plan of redemption by restoring man back to original status. And the Holy Spirit is revealing to the people what He has already achieved in the Church. But the so called believers and the preachers of END TIME MESSAGE have became so blinded by the traditional veil that they have lost their thinking faculty to heed to the real Voice of God and to search the Scriptures to find out which is right and which is wrong. These people have become “PARROT MEN” and they are just repeating what someone else has said.

It is a great pity that these people have invited the judgment of God upon themselves as they have sinned against the Holy Spirit.

These people have branded themselves as the people of END TIME MESSAGE, but their teachings expose what they are:

They have no Holy Spirit at all.
Their Biblical knowledge is very shallow.
They are utter ignorant of the very basic and fundamental things of the creation of man.

It is a great shame that they have put on the label as the believers of the “END TIME MESSAGE” without even knowing what the LAST MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH is.

I hereby challenge them in the name of the living God to declare what the LAST MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH is?

Here is another challenging question to them.

What was Adam, the first man?

“………… We come from a higher being. In the beginning we were in the image of God. The veil and the darkness keeps us from knowing it now “.-Hebrews (504)

If you really had the Holy Spirit and understood the original status of the first man you would not have mocked, bitten your teeth, and spoken against the great achievement of the Holy Spirit in the Church.

The very first man Adam himself was a CHRIST. He lost the Christhood when he sinned. Jesus Christ shed His blood and died as the ransom to restore the CHRISTHOOD back to man. God by His sovereignty had chosen the Great Prophet Branham be the first fruits of the harvest and restored the CHRISTHOOD to him.

(To know more in detail read our short and quick message series ), “Christhood lost and Christhood restored” “Eden lost and Eden regained “

“Alpha his become omega”
“The Genuine Atonement”
“Christ Branham, the OMEGA the CAPSTONE

Oh, you foolish parrot man do you know whey did Christ Branham say that it was the spirit of antichrist that called him as Christ ? This statement was “THUS SAITH THE LORD”. But it needs the divine revelation even to understand the THUS SAITH THE LORD” Multitutdes of denominational people are marching on towards destruction by just literally holding on to the ‘THUS SAITH THE LORD” in Matt 28 : 19

In the same way the so called believers of the “END TIME MESSAGE” are heading towards the Judgement of God by literally holding on the “THUS SAITH THE LORD” in the Bruised Serpent Message.

They have become so miserably blind that they could not understand that God was just repeating the history.

When Jesus Christ was in the World , who was the first Christ

It was the devil that tried first to proclaim that Jesus was the Christ (MK 1:24, 3:11, 5:7, LK 4:41). But Jesus forbade them from declaring who He was and also He charged His disciples not to tell that He was the Christ (Matt 16:20). It was not the will of God that Christ should be revealed when He was in the world. And also God never ordained the devil to declare His son. It is the will of God that only the Holy Spirit should reveal the Christ.

Satan being a perverter, always he tried to pervert the will of God. When Jesus charged His disciples not to tell that he was the Christ, Satan tried to proclaim that He was the Christ. But when the Holy Spirit came to proclaim Jesus Christ through the apostles, Satan began to work against the apostles and induced the people to deny that Jesus was the Christ.


Before the ordained time came he tried to proclaim the Christ.
When the ordained time came he began to deny the Christ.
Now the same history is being repeated. When Christ Branham,

the first fruits was here it was not the day of revealing of the Son of man, but it was the “days of the son of man” (Lk17: 22) so the pervertion began to work through the precious brethren and tried to declare that the great prophet Branham was the Christ. That is why he told the brethren not to call him the Christ. And also he said it was the working of the spirit of anti-Christ and said it was “THUS SAITH THE LORD”. We say whole-heartedly Amen to this.

Now God has been pouring the TRUE FORMER RAIN (the teaching rain)in INDIA, since the year 1980. Through the teaching of the Spirit the Lord has Leads the remnant into the “THE THIRD PULL” and has already revealed “THE SEVENTH SEAL”. The GREAT TENT VISION is already over in India. God has revealed the new name of the Lord through the THUNDER REVELATION. The eastern camp of the little remnant in India is already on the march in the THIRD EXODUS under THE GREAT PILLAR OF FIRE, and with the second smitten ROCK THE CHRIST. And that is why we are so boldly declaring the Son of man Christ Branham to the world. Now this is the day of revealing of the Son of man”(Luke17: 30)

The spirit of anti Christ that tried to declare the Son of man Christ Branham when He was in the world is now trying to work against the divine revelation of “Christ Branham” through the so called believers and preachers of END TIME MESSAGE.

Oh, you fool, you call yourself as the people very tools in the hands of the devil for his craftiness.


You have taken up the name of God and his great prophet Branham but you are nothing but a bunch of “make believers”. You have taken only a part of the message, which suits your convenience, and you do not want to take the entire message. It is not just one verse but every verse in the Bible. It is not just a little portion of the message, but it is the entire message.

“… When a messenger was sent, to misconstrue his word or to doubt one word it was total annihilation and eternal separation from god, to misconstrue that messenger’s Word”.-The end time evangelism (71).

Do you know that there are ’ PRO’ and ‘CON’ in the bible and in the message of the great prophet Branham.

“…Faith is the very thing that were saved by… and that’s the reason there has to be some disagree with it. Now? You’ve got to have the other said see?. You’ve got to have a bad woman to make a real one stand out right. See? There’s got to be a lie to make the TRUTH positive and make it shine good. If everything was TRUTH. It would just be so common… now, we’ve got to have THESE PRO AND CON’S. That’s the way it goes…”-Bruised serpent (168,169)

Being under the influence of the spirit of anti Christ you have taken only the passages of “con” in the message that a suits your taste and convenience, and you have spoken and written so daringly against what the Holy Spirit has achieved in the church, the restoration of Christhood back to man. Thus you have committed the unforgivable sin, the sin against the Holy Spirit.

Run to God, repent and cry, and see whether you could have any mercy from God as the door is completely shutting. Fire is ready to fall at any time. l do not take a chance and perish.

Here are a few passages from the message of Christ Branham.

(Countless number of quotations are there).

Now, what are you going to say for these passages? If you are a real seed of God you will say Amen, and you will stand for the truth at any cost. Otherwise you will keep MUM AND GET DESTROYED BELIEVE THE TRUTH AND LIVE, OR DOUBT AND PERISH.


“Sir we would see Jesus’. What kind of a person would you look for? The same kind of person that was. Now, you don’t go; down a street here and look for a man with some kind of a robe on and nail scars across his head, or whatever it is. Any hypocrite can do that. And that’s right. Anybody can impersonate that. But it would be the life that was in Christ would be in his church. And that’s where the life is now. The life of Christ in the church produces CHRIST OVER AGAIN that is how they see Christ”.-We would see Jesus (178,180)

“It’s always been that THIRD PULL. There is perfection. The ministry comes to its perfection when it REPRODUCED CHRIST AGAIN natural amongst human beings”-Souls that are in prison now (50) “… That THIRD PULL is being to move you see? It is within me now”.-How can I overcome? (31)

“The messenger of the Holy Spirit is with church elected, doing the same thing which makes him Christ’s, the same yesterday, today and forever”.-We would see Jesus (23)

“Elijah of this day is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is to come according to Luke 17:30 he’s the Son of man that is to reveal himself among the people, not a managed”.-Doing god a service without his will

“Then I saw another; mighty angel coming down from heaven robed in a cloud, with a (HALO like) rain bow over his head”.-Souls that are in prison now (25)

“Now the Bible said the Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Jesus said, the works that I do shall he that believeth on me do also. That right? Notice that was the real melckisedec now”.-Who is this melchisedec (142)

“Now the woman represented the church and the child that she brought forth was Christ’s. The moon under her feet was the law, the sun at her head was grace. Twelve stars in her crown was the twelve apostles”.-Hebrews (5)

“Jesus Christ was brought forth by virgin Mary. But this manchild was brought forth by woman, the church is Christ Branham.

Still there are countless number of quotations to give but the space and time is very much limited. It is not a big flaming torch that is needed to ignite the petrol gas. But a little spark is enough. In the same way a long sermon is not needed for THE GENUINE SEED OF GOD, only a few hints are enough to catch the Truth as in the case of the woman of Samaria, Nathaniel and so on.

Do you know that the LAST MESSAGE TO THE CHURCH IS?

God become CHRIST was the first message, and the last message is that man has become CHRIST.

The Holy Spirit has restored the CHRISTHOOD back to man. Christ Branham is the first fruits. Those who have believed and accepted the revelation of God’s achievement in Christ Branham also have become CHRISTS. They are the WORD BRIDE. Now she is ready to go in the Rapture. Already the Pillar of Fire has come up on her. She is already on the move in the Great Third Exodus.


843, Phase – II,
Vellore – 9