Christ Branham







"A short and quick message that will shake the whole nation" - And knoweth it not(39)



” … Looking to my left, I saw a small heap of smooth baked bread. There were WHITE FOWLS standing near it, but they would not eat much of it. Then the Lord said to me, Do you know them? I said, No then He said, That is your Tabernacle and they wont eat THE BREAD OF LIFE ANYMORE. I am sending you this way. Then I journeyed on Westward. I was then brought to a plain where a platform was erected. Seemingly. it was under a LARGE TENT or Auditorium .There were curtains drawn in back of the platform .The Lord then told me to pull back the curtains, and when I did I saw a great mountain of THE BREAD OF LIFE. He then said, FEED THESE, and turning around I saw white robed people coming from everywhere, making up a large audience.- I was not obedient unto the Heavenly vision.

The Bread of Life is THE SPOKEN WORD MESSAGES that Christ Branham had delivered, and has stored in the Branham Tabernacle. But His people had refused to eat it.

I went back in this and there was a little long building and then a voice said to me Bring in food. Store it in. That is the only way to keep them here, is give them Food. I brought in great big barrels full of the prettiest carrots , and the prettiest vegetables and things I have ever seen .. Then the Food in that little long building. I did not go overseas; I returned to this little building and we made dozens of tapes of the pyramid and everything, to show the people the hour that we are living in. Sirs, is this the time?(18,19)

That is your Tabernacle and they wont eat the BREAD OF LIFE any more. Because the American believes had rejected the Bread of Life, the Lord has sent, The Bread of Life the Message to another country and another people to INDIA in the East.

But there is an hour coming now when SOMETHING is fixing to take place e Message will go to another Nation, another People. Gods provided way (1 15 – 63)

The Lord had been catering THIS BREAD OF LIFE in India, in the East, first served in the Branham Tabernacle in the USA in the West. The Lord has accomplished this by fulfilling THE TENT VISION and the vision of I WILL RIDE THIS TRAIL ONCE MORE.

When Christ Branham had died ,it was the Gospel Sun setting in the west. Christ Branham has said in His various Messages that the Gospel Light that had come to the western most point, will go to East again.

“… and we are at the West coast… and as civilization has traveled with it. So has the GOSPEL traveled with it. And now there is no place to go but back East again“.                                                                                                                                                                                                    – A Paradox (45)

“… That is your Tabernacle and they won’t eat THE BREAD OF LIFE anymore. I am sending this way”. Then I journeyed on Westward. I was then brought to a plain where a platform was erected. Seemingly, it was under a LARGE TENT or Auditorium. There were curtains drawn in back of the platform. The Lord then told me to pull back the curtains, and when I did I saw a great mountain of THE BREAD OF LIFE. He then said, FEED THESE, and turning around I saw white-robed people coming from everywhere, making up a large audience.

Christ Branham was asked to go towards the West. When a man goes Westward on the globe, he will come to the Eastern side of the globe. There He was asked to serve the Bread of Life in a LARGE TENT.

The Lord then told me to pull back the curtains, and when I did I saw a great mountain of THE BREAD OF LIFE. He then said, ‘FEED THESE’. Here, pulling back the curtains, and bringing the Bread of Life to the sight, is revealing of THE HIDDEN MYSTERIES.

Here this latter part of this vision, “I was not disobedient unto the Heavenly vision”, is connected with the TENT VISION, wherein the people were led into the square wooden room in THE TENT. (The Tent Vision).

This is the THIRD PULL for the Bride. Two things have happened during the THIRD PULL period.

  1. The Mysteries are revealed. “… And remember the THIRD PULL was the opening of them Seven Seals to reveal the HIDDEN TRUTH that has been sealed in the Word.                                                                                           “… The anointed ones at the end time” (262)
  1. “… It has always been that THIRD PULL. Three is perfection. The ministry come to its perfection when it Reproduced Christ Again in natural amongst human beings”.

                                                                             “… Souls in Prison”. (50)

Now, the STRONG MAN, that led the people into the square wooden ROOM to go into the THIRD PULL of the Message – The Second Climax, is the Christ Branham Himself in another form. That is how the vision, “I WILL RIDE THIS TRAIL ONCE MORE” is now fulfilled. The purpose of this vision is to bring “A MESSAGE” to the Bride.

                   “… I believe I will ride this Trail Again. I got to bring A MESSAGE!”.

                                                                                                – On the wings of a snow white dove (225)


“He said, ‘after it quit shaking. I heard a voice, Brother Branham, it was your voice! I know, something said to me. It said, ‘I WILL RIDE THIS TRAIL ONCE MORE!” I started looking up the rock like this and looked on, in the past the clouds, and way up there standing on a rock that leads from the East to the West in a pointed shape like that, like a Pyramid. Run back there to the East and there you were standing on a horse, that I never seen anything like it in my life – a great white horse, white mane hanging down, and you were dressed like an INDIAN CHIEF – with all the things, Indians use. .. you pulled on the reins; went riding off towards THE WEST…”.

                                                                                                                                – And knoweth it not (33)

“… a great white military horse walking in a prance”. That is THE WORD, of course,…”                       

                                                                                                                                – And knoweth it not (35)

“… I heard a voice; Brother Branham, it was your voice! ‘” you were dressed like and INDIAN CHIEF…”

Of course, here, dressed like an INDIAN means like a Red Indian. But the vision is like a parable and it needs the interpretation of the Holy Spirit to understand it.

After the resurrection, the Lord Jesus Christ had appeared in Another Form (MK 16:12). At His appearance, Mary mistook Him for a gardener. But she had recognized the Lord by His voice. Even the two disciples of Emmaus (LK24:13-31), and Simon Peter and other disciples (In.21) also had recognized the Lord not by His physical identity, but by His attributes.

By these events, the Lord was fore-shadowing to show that the Lord, when He comes again, He will come only in another body – as Christ Branham.

Even in this vision, “I will ride this trail once more” Christ Branham had changed His physical identity, being dressed like an Indian Chief, but He was identified only by His voice. By this, the Lord was fore – shadowing that Christ Branham would “ride this trail once more” to bring THE MESSAGE in a different body – but the same SPIRIT OF ELIJAH.

“… Now we are in the seventh age, the Laodicean Church age. And we are looking for the great messenger of the SECOND ELIJAH on the count down. And as soon as that appears then it is ZERO TIME and the Church takes its way home; goes out into space, into Heavens, on beyond moon. stars, everything else, and meet Jesus” – Count down (109)

“… But THIS SEVENTH ANGEL don’t compromise on anything! He gathers up all the loose lands – gathers them all up, and at His sounding, all the mystery of God should be finished. .. HE WILL BE THE SECOND ELIJAH, as promised, oh, my! The Message that he will bring will be the mysteries on all these things” – Sirs, is this the time? (35)

“Now, listen close, The Seventh Angel of Rev. 10:7 is the Seventh Church Age Messenger., see? … this Messenger, the Seventh Angel here, is sounding forth his Message to the Laodicean Church. Notice his type of Message. Now, it wasn’t to the First Angel (wasn’t given that), Second Angel, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth; but it is the Seventh Angel that had this type of Message. What was it? Notice, his type of Message: finishing all the mysteries of God that are written in the Book”. – Sirs, is this the time? (30)

Christ Branham did not interpret these visions “THE TENT VISION” and “I WILL RIDE THIS TRAIL ONCE MORE”, as the events of these visions had not happened yet. Now God has fulfilled these visions and so now the Holy Spirit is interpreting them to the Bride.

Now, Christ Branham has been riding “THE TRAIL ONCE MORE” for the last more than 20 years as the STRONG MAN of the TENT VISION, in India in the East, all the time leading the people into the THIRD PULL, to have the Revelation of the Hidden Mysteries. But His own people, who have taken THE NAME OF PROPHET BRANHAM to cover their nakedness, have failed to recognize Christ Branham who had been riding “THIS TRAIL ONCE MORE” in ANOTHER FORM as an Indian Chief- THE STRONG MAN of THE TENT VISION.

Even in Bro. Junior Jackson’s dream, after rip opening the capstone and showing the White Stone, that was kept hidden under the Capstone, Christ Branham told His followers to WATCH THAT and then He slipped off to one side and started going towards the WEST, coming up a hill, going down a hill. Coming up a hill and going down a hill, getting smaller and smaller and went all the way out of sight. – Sirs, is the time? (15)



Even before the breaking of the Seals, Christ Branham was asked to go to ARIZONA in the WEST, and then He was asked to go to JEFFERSONVILLE in the EAST to open the Seals.

“And notice the next thing now. I took some kind of a bar and cut it off, and on the inside was WHITE ROCK that had nothing wrote on it. And at that time I started to the WEST. And I told them all, I said, “Don’t go out WEST. Stay here and look on this until I return“. Went WEST for the blast – returned back to the EAST with the Holy Spirit interpreting this UNWRITTEN WORD. Now, if that isn’t perfectly with God Almighty. I want you to know what is. What am I trying to say this for friends? It is to show you that we are at the end – time”.

                                                                                                                                                      – Seals (566)


The Lord had been making a pattern or a shadow of breaking of the “Actual Seals” (The Unwritten Seals) in the East at a latter stage, just before the coming of the Lord!

“And it only is to be revealed at the last days, when this Actual Seal is broken. Broken to whom? Not to Christ, but to the Church. Notice, now… oh, my, that just makes me Tremble! I hope that the Church truly understand this what I mean, you people. I’m going to call you Bride. Do you understand it?    

                                                                                                                                                       – Seals (139)

Christ Branham opening THE SEALS in the USA, in the WEST was only a SHADOW of opening of THE ACTUAL SEAL in the EAST by the fulfillment of the TENT VISION.


“If there is an anti-type, there has got to be a TYPE for the ANTI-TYPE to come from. And everything I say that is TRUE has a type. It has a type. You have a Shadow”.

                                                                                                                           – How can I overcome? (13)

Christ Branham has promised of coming of THE TRUE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH in the Church -(Seals.298), to raise up THE TRUE MESSENGER – (The Spoken Word is the Original Seed-125) to blow THE TRUE TRUMPET – (Sirs, is this the time? (39), to open THE ACTUAL SEAL – (Seals 139), to reveal THE REAL THINGS – (Seal 236), to make known THE TRUE WORD – (Seals 358).


“… We believe that there is to be a coming of THE TRUE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH. It is predicted it would be, see and we must remember it will be here in its own season and time. We may be laying THE FOUNDATION for it now… God always deals with one individual… there never was two major prophets on the earth prophesying at the same time”.                                      – Seals (298)


“The true prophet of God will proclaim the Word in the last days; denominations will hate him. He will not pull any punches on them… God will vindicate what he preaches to be the TRUTH as did Elijah; for it is Elijah coming, making ready for the Mount Zion – Rapture… His preaching will be with the Spirit and straight line of God’s Word. Because so much has been called God’s TRUTH, many will misunderstand THIS TRUE MESSENGER (I have got wrote here p – r – o p – h – e – c – y), Prophecy”.                                                        – The spoken word is the original seed (125)


“Now notice. Now, to wind up all these mysteries. God has promised that there would, be A GENUINE ELIJAH, raise – some man anointed with that Spirit and it would reveal. He promised it in Malachai.4.”                                                                 

                                                                                                                                                      – Seals (297)


“God promised that He would send us A TRUE PROPHET of the TRUE WORD with a Message to return to the original Word of God and the FAITH of the fathers to bring down the power of the Holy Ghost amongst the people and the power that will raise here above these things and take her to in”           

                                                                                                                                                       – Seals (175)


“… When this Seventh Angel rises in the Laodicean age and begins to sound forth. THE TRUE TRUMPET… Because it will be contrary, they won’t believe it. They sure won’t believe it. But it will be an inspired prophet, because there is no way to figure it out”.

                                                                                                                             – Sirs, is this the time? (39)


“And it only is to be revealed at the last days, when this ACTUAL SEAL is broken, … Oh my, that just makes me tremble! I hope that the Church truly understands this what I mean, you people. I am going to call you Bride. Do you understand it?”

                                                                                                                                                       – Seals (139)


“But, when the REAL THING is to be revealed at the last days of THE LAST ONE to the Church is when, God has said that, He would send to us according to the Scripture and we have searched it through and through, that He predicted THE SPIRIT OF ELIJAH WOULD RETURN IN SOME PERSON”.

                                                                                                                                                      – Seals (236)


“… The last age, the Eagle Age, a revealer of THE TRUE WORD, see? Before God moves to action, like He did in the days of Noah, He sent forth an eagle: … Every time He sends an eagle at the last end of it. And here He sends an eagle again… how could it ever be revealed until the eagles come? … Then the last power, He brings down the eagle to RESTORE the Children back to the original faith again of the fathers – The Eagle Age Now, if you will take now Revelation 10:1-7, (I have been referring to it) remember, in the LAST MESSENGER’S age (see?) What was to happen? All of the mysteries of God would be revealed – THE EAGLE”.

                                                                                                                                                      – Seals (358)

Now, at this end time, the Lord has already fulfilled many of the UNFAILING PROMISES of the Living Christ Branham.

The latter part of the vision, “I am not disobedient unto the Heavenly Vision” and the. Dream about, “I will ride this trail once more” and “The Tent Vision”, the Lord had been fulfilling in India in simplicity for more than 20 years. Now, everything is over. But the so – called believers have already missed them.

“Now, if you are wide awake, you will see something. I hope I don’t have to hold it in my hand to show you. It is here. Smart, education will miss it. The simple vision – when they are revealed in such simplicity, ’til just covers over the top of the people’s head”.

                                                                                                                                                        – Seals (60)

“Would the Bride of Christ have a ministry before the Rapture?

… Sure, she has got a ministry, a great ministry, the ministry of the hour, it will be so humble. Now, remember… last Sunday, remember what I preached on? HUMILITY, Oh, don’t forget that. I am going to stop a minute warn that again. Remember, when God predicts anything GREAT to happen, the people are looking so far away by their wisdom til they miss what happens. When God says anything is great, the world laughs at it, “That bunch of ignoramuses. .. I don’t mean it may be that way, Exactly That Way, But That is the way It is”.

                                                                                                                                                      – Seals (495)

“It is the same thing that the Hebrew Bride did. That is right. See? … God promised then THE REAL. And when the REAL came, they didn’t want it; it was too HUMBLE”.

                                                                                                                                                      – Seals (250)

“But when the REAL THING is to be revealed at the last days of the LAST ONE to the Church… that He predicted that the SPIRIT OF ELIJAH would return in some person… Now, the elect will know, not the others. They sure won’t do that. They will miss it a million miles”.

                                                                                                                                                      – Seals (236)

“… God lives, dwells, works in HUMILITY – never any other way… No matter how much Satan was around, as long as she stayed behind this Word, she was all right. See? So let Satan do whatever he wants to, You Just Stay With The Word… “

                                                                                                                                                       – Seals (241)

“Now, the LAST MESSAGE they get is when this prophet that, I have been speaking of, which I have been reading many books about it. … And I know that, real good sensible, spiritual thinking man knows that is coming; know it is coming, but the trouble of it is, they keep saying, “We need it. It is going to be”. And when it comes, they’d be so Humble they will probably miss it just like they did the other time”.

                                                                                                                                                       – Seals (316)

“I will send MY MESSENGER before my face (Malachi 3), and he will prepare the way before me”. They didn’t understand. Even the disciples didn’t get it, see. That’s right. Oh my! SIMPLICITY – BE HUMBLE. Go right down, when God promises something big, see – it is big in His sight”.

                                                                                                                                                      – Seals (499)


It is a great pity that the so – called International dynamic preaches of the end – time Message have become just a HEAP OF SEEDS OF DISCREPANCY, by not believing the complete Message of Christ Branham. They have become THE RAVENING WOLVES under the influence of the spirit of anti – Christ. Though they have done tremendous work in the propagation of the Spoken Word Messages, but they have been doing a service to God without His will. These people have done a GREAT DAMAGE to the children of God by misleading them into the greatest deception by their man – made creeds. Thus they have prevented the people from getting into the THIRD PULL he MESSAGE – THE SECOND CLIMAX. They have missed the Greatest Revival, and thus the Rapturing Faith. The Lord has accomplished “THE GREATEST REVIVAL” these things by fulfilling the following visions in India, in the East.

1) The latter part of the vision, “I was not disobedient unto the Heavenly vision”.

2) “I will ride this trail once more”.

3) “The Tent vision”.

You people have SPURNED THE MERCY OF God by rejecting THE LAST MESSAGE, Which was kept HIDDEN in THE MESSAGES OF CHRIST BRANHAM, now brought out by the last prophet, whom God has raised in India in the East, as per the promises of Christ Branham.

“He did in that age just as He did in all ages, and like He will do, just as He promised to do. God promises anything, then He comes down and proves His Word to be right. All that believes, all that believe the Message of that age, come in and was saved. So will it be in any age. All who did not believe the Message and the Messenger, perished.

And all, which truly believe the word of God today, will be taken out. All that does not believe the Word of God, will perish with the world”.

                                                                                                                             – Proving His Word (94,95)

Unless these “International dynamic preachers of the end – time Message”, and their followers, repent and search the Scriptures and the Spoken Word Messages and align forthwith with the WORD OF GOD, they are sure to perish with the world. When the judgment strikes them, then they will understand that this is “THUS SAITH THE LORD” – Amen.

To know in more detail about these RAVENING WOLVES that have come under the sheep-skin under the name of “DYNAMIC PREACHERS OF THE END TIME MESSAGE”, Read our Message, “THE TRAIL OF THE SERPENT”.