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"A short and quick message that will shake the whole nation" - And knoweth it not(39)



Terrific judgement of God has come up on these Make-believers for not recognizing what God has achieved in Bro. William Branham, inspite of having the Spoken Word Messages.

When God fulfills His promises, He wants and expects His people first of all to recognize what God Has done. Secondly, He wants His people to confess what God has done. Thirdly, He wants His people to identify themselves with what He has done.

God has rejected the Jews and allowed them to go into destruction for not recognizing Jesus Christ, who had come as the very manifestation of the Promise of God for that age.

When God had not spared the good olive branches, how could the wild olive branches escape when they have not recognised the Great Prophet Branham who had come as the very manifestation of the Promise of God for the end time?

God had sent the Great Prophet Branham as the “PROMISED ONE” that was to come at the end time. He is the central theme of the entire Bible and the Spoken Word Messages.

You make believers you call yourself as the believers and ministers of the end-time Message! Great shame to you! Still you have not understood what the End-time Message is!

I challenge you people in the Name of the Living God of Heaven, let it be any man living in any part of the world, to take up this challenge and tell what the End-time Message is.

You are all nothing but a heap of Seeds of DISCREPANCY. I say it in the Name of the Lord. You have gone very deep into Babylon, under the influence of the spirit of antichrist. It is a great pity that you are not still aware of the fact that all your worshipping is going to the devil, and only the devil is behind your pulpits.

Because you have gone off the track of the WORD, and have assumed authority to misinterpret the ABSOLUTE WORD of Christ Branham you are all heading towards total annihilation and enteral separation from God.

“When a Messenger was sent, to misconstrue His Word or to doubt one Word,  it was total annihilation and Eternal separation from God, it misconstrue that Messanger’s World”

Run to God, repent and search the Scriptures and the Spoken Word Messages, and come out of Babylon, and align with the Word of God before the judgement strikes you.

When the judgment strikes you, then you will understand what I have written is THUS SAITH THE LORD.


Before we go to the Scriptures to understand who Bro. William Branham is, let us see some of the dreams visions, and the various events that had happened in the Life of Bro. William Branham.

1.   When He was born, the Pillar of Fire had come and encircled this little Baby. And the pillar of Fire was accompanying Him all through His Life. This Pillar of Fire proved scientifically and this strange photograph, after scientific investigation and testification is now kept in the American Congress Library, stating that this is the first photograph ever taken of supernatural things.

Now, how could an ordinary man have this Pillar of Fire accompany him all through the life, even after His death and burial this Pillar of Fire had stayed for three days on his tomb?

2.   “And I thought that I was the happiest person I ever seen, I was standing in the sun, s-u-n, and was preaching the Gospel to a large, mammoth congregation.”  -Blasphemous names (41)

How could an ordinary man stand in the Sun and preach, when the SUN exclusively represent THE CHRIST?

3.   …”The THANK Brother Leo and Gene, for the trueness they have been to the vision that was given to them… When the young fellow came to me…. with a dream that he had of a pyramid, standing up in this pyramid. And he climbed up to where I was at, and I was standing out in a saucer, a plate or something like a Light.

He said, “Brother Branham, how you get up there?

And I said, “Brother Leo, God has to put a person in this position up here” I said, “Now that you have seen, return back to the people and tell them that you believe it is of God”.

How could an ordinary man be placed at the position of the Head Stone of the Pyramid, which is exclusively meant for THE CHRIST?

4.   …” I saw a constellation of something coming… They were in the shape of a pyramid,… the power of Almighty God lifted me up to meet them… while I was in this constellation”

How could an ordinary man be taken up into the constellation of Angels Who had come in the formation of the Head Stone?

5. He is Brother Roy Roberson,… One night the Lord work him up, one morning, we were setting he and I, look like in Jerusalem at the Lord’s Communion Table, and I was talking. He couldn’t understand it… He said, `You were setting there, Brother Branham, and I saw that big Pillar of Light come in and get you and take you away from the Lord’s table,… And said he screamed, look like for days, “Brother Bill, come back!” And he screamed for me, till he was hoarse in his throat, “Come back, Bring him back. Bring him back”. Crying…Here come that Pillar of Fire coming back, or a cloud come back, and He set me at the head of the table, and I had been changed. It was a mystery to Brother Roy, me being changed to look different, (I lay this up here for something I want to remember, “being changed”)  – Standing in the gap (92-94)

How could an ordinary man be placed at the Head of the table on Lord’s table, “being changed”?

6.   “It happened again, and repeated it again. And Brother Roy… he got up again in the morning.. and there he looked in the room and he saw this big Light, or a Cloud upon a mountain. He asked me, not long ago, `was there something about a cloud being on a mountain? `… And I said, `Yes, when Peter, James and John was took up, and the cloud overshadowed the Lord Jesus, And God spoke, said, `This is my beloved Son…’

And he said that he went up the mountain. And when he did, I was standing there.

And a voice came from the cloud (wasn’t it Brother Roy?) and said something on this order: “This is my servant. And I have called him to be a prophet to the age, to lead the people just as Moses did. And he’s been given the authority… He can speaking to existence. Something like that’ – Standing in the gap (25-27).

How could an ordinary man have the same experience which Jesus Christ had on the Mount Transfiguration?

7.   The Great Prophet Branham had brought the squirrels into existence by just speaking.

How could an ordinary man speak and bring squirrels into existence?

8.   Once when the Great Prophet Branham was on the Mount Colorado, a snow storm had come in that place. As he was running down the mountain to go to some place of refuge, there came a voice from above and instructed Him to go up the mountain. In obedience to that voice He went to the top. And by that time the snow storm had become very worse and it became very dark and cloudy. There came a voice again from above and said “whatever you say will happen” when He spoke, immediately the snow storm dispersed and the Sun began to shine.

How could an ordinary man speak and control the nature as Jesus Christ did?

9.   The Great Prophet Branham had broken the Seals in the Bible and has revealed the mysteries of God.

“… the Lamb came forth and took the Book. I am the one that did it” – Souls in prison (25)

How could an ordinary man break open the Seals, which only Jesus Christ; the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, had prevailed to open the Book?”

10.  “… That is the reason I indict this generation of guilty of crucifying, blaspheming the manifested Son of God… Christ Himself to be in the last days like it was in the days of Noah and the day of Sodom”   – The Indictment (35)

How could an ordinary man indict the world?

11.  “… So one early morning, I got up to go up into Sabino Caniyon… I was standing there in prayer, and something happened… something fell in my hand. It was A SWORD….It just fit my hand exactly, and I was holding it… And while holding it in my hand, a voice from somewhere said, “That is the King’s Sword”… “There is only One THE KING; that is God”    – Seals (68,69)

How could an ordinary man have the God’s SWORD?

12.  The Great Prophet Branham had discerned the secrets and the intents of the heart.

How could an ordinary man discern the secrets and the intents of the heart, when the discernment is the sign of the Son of man?

13. The Great Prophet Branham has said in the Seals, “…I am not going to speak it in His Name; I am going to speak it in my…in the revelation of my faith, what happened in Sabino Canyon…

How could an ordinary man say that He is not going to speak in the Name of Jesus Christ; but He is going to speak in His own Name?

14.  One day while going for a fishing, a small dead fish was floating flat with its gills and intestines being pulled out… At that time the Great Prophet Branham looked at the dead fish and spoke, and had commanded the life of go back into the dead fish. Immediately the life came and the dead fish jumped and swam into the water.

How could an ordinary man command the life to go back into the dead fish?

15.  Once Bro. Billy Paul had a dream, in which, when the Great Prophet Branham was coming to a Church, where the people were waiting for him, FIRE was flying out of His eyes. In the same dream the Great Prophet Branham had looked at a big granite mountain, and had motioned to it. At that time “a Light without hands cut a stone out of the mountain, weighing hundreds of tons and here it come”.       – A man that can turn on the light (138-141).

How could the FIRE come out of the eyes of an ordinary man?

How could a STONE weighing hundreds of tons be cut out without hands, by a Light and come rolling down, by just motioning of an ordinary man?

16.  Once the Great Prophet Branham had a vision about a Mumba snake coming to charge against him, “… and here come a huge monster snake crawling through the weeds … I knew it was a mumba …  the snake of course represented sin, death… So I looked at him and he looked angry at me and he licked his tongue and here come… he would run up fast and then something would hold him off; he couldn’t bite me… he couldn’t strike me… and a voice come from above me and said `you have been given Power to bind him… and when I raised up my hands to Him again there was great something come over me, just lifted me up; seemed like my whole body was charged with something…. And I looked at the serpent, and then he started towards me and he couldn’t do it yet. And I said, `satan, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ I bind you’. And the serpent, a blue smoke flew out of him and he curled up and made the sign like a S, capital S made back wards, an `and’ sign. `And means bind this one or anything below him, because he was the WORST. Blue smoke fell out of him and his tail choked his own self to death around his head when he this backward S… choked it to death’… And I went on and mashed on it;… And I hit on the thing and it turned like that, looked like a handle on a glass handle on a pitcher… And just then a voice came and said, `you can unbind him also’. So I said, `Then satan, that I might know, I unbind you’, and when he did he started to life again, wiggling. And I said, `I bind you back in the Name of Jesus Christ’, and when it did the smoke flow out of him again and he choked himself right back again and turned to crystal”.

In this God given vision, we se that the Great Prophet Branham was given authority to destroy that Mumba snake, and bring it back to life. The mumba snake symbolically represent satan. Then, how could an ordinary man have the authority to destroy satan? The answer to this baffling Question is in the Bible Itself.

“So the Lord God said to the serpent:

… I will put enmity

Between you and the woman,

And between your seed and her seed;

He shall bruise your head,

And you shall bruise His heel”.      –   Gen.3:15

Here, we see the woman’s seed bruising the head of the serpent. The early Apostles did not have a clear Revelation of this Scripture. Because many Promises were yet to be fulfilled. They thought that Jesus Christ was the Seed of the woman. But He was only a shadow of the Real Seed of the woman that was to come at this end time.

 Jesus Christ cannot be the Real seed of the woman for the following reasons

“I will put enmity between you and the woman”

There was no enmity between the serpent and virgin Mary, who brought forth Jesus Christ. But there has been the enmity between satan, the serpent and woman, the church which has brought forth Man child-Christ Branham.

“Now the woman represented the church and the child that she brought forth was CHRIST. The moon under her feet was the law, the sun at her head was grace. Twelve stars in her crown was the twelve apostles”. -Hebrews(5)

Christ Branham breaking the Seals was a death blow given to satan by a man. And thus He had bruised the head of the serpent.

17.  “And they wasn’t Africans. They looked like they had a sheet wrapped around them like this and just pulled it up and stuffed it down like the Indians wear up around Calcutta.. And they were little bitty skinny man and they had their hands up just praising god and screaming MY NAME just as loud as they could to come that way”. – South Africa Trip Experiences.

In this God given vision, we see that people were praising God, uttering the Name of the Great Prophet Branham. How could an ordinary man’s name be uttered while praising God?

18. He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also”. Jesus said that, See? Now we are going to have, we got a ministry coming that is just exactly like the life of Christ.What does that ministry identify? The coming of the Lord. – Adoption IV (34)

Only in the ministry of the Great Prophet Branham, this Scripture, “He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do” was fulfilled. Then, how could the ministry of the Great Prophet Branham be identified with the coming of the Lord?

19. “…Jesus said, `The works that I do shall he that believeth on Me do also”. That right? Notice that was the real Melchisedec now”.-Who is this Melchisedec? (142)

Only in the ministry of the Great Prophet Branham this Scripture “The works that I do, shall he that believeth on Me do also” was fulfilled. Then, how could an ordinary man become “the real Melchisedec?

20.  “… And He said, But that was the prophets of the Old Testament. You have been called to be there in A MUCH HIGHER OFFICE THAN THAT”.

In the kingdom of God a vindicated Prophet is placed at the highest position, next to God, even higher than a king. But God has spoken and said to the Great Prophet Branham that He is placed in a much higher office than a prophet. What position could be much higher than a prophet?

21. “… three things could happen to me. It is either the end of my road and let this other one come on; I have opened up the road for him to take over because remember, the one that comes to preach will be on the Word, “Restoring their faith of the children back to their fathers”. … it could be thatHe is changing my ministry back into evangelism for overseas… And He is taking me into the wilderness somewhere to anoint me to send me forth like the “PROMISED ONE” is to come”  -Taking sides with Jesus (62)

22. “…and to anoint the MOST HOLY” – Dan. 9.24

“Now, to anoint the MOST HOLY. Now, this may be a little bit strange for just a minute to many of you teachers, but…Jesus is already anointed is that right? The Book of Acts said that God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost… Jesus is already… He is Messiah; and Messiah means” the anointed one”. Is that right? But here at the end time He’s to ANOINT THE MOST HOLY.

What is the most Holy? To my way seeing it, which I believe I can prove it by the Scripture, is to anoint the MOST HOLY, which will be the TABERNACLE that will be used during the millennium…”  -Six fold purpose of Gabriel’s visit – (116-118)


“The last Book in the Bible, Revelation, shows us that THERE WILL BE A RETURN OF HIM IN THE LAST DAYS TO THE GENTILE CHURCH, a sign. How they miss it. He has prophesied to come again just before the great and the second coming of the Lord. In Malachi the fourth chapter and Revelation, also, the third chapter tells us that HE WILL BE HERE in the last days”.  – A true sign that is overlooked.

For two reasons the Lord had to come!

 (1)   To glorify the Bride – (Phil. 3:20,21)

(2)   To proclaim the day of vengence of our God-Isa. 61: 1;2


Can the Church go in the Rapture without being glorified?

Can the Church be glorified without attaining perfection?

Can the Church attain perfection without being filled with the fullness of God?

Can the Fullness the placed in the Church without the transformation?

Can the Church be transformed without the renewal of the mind – (Rom.12:2)

Can the mind be renewed without the revealing of the Mystery of God?

Can the Mystery of God be revealed without the breaking of the Seals?

Can the Seals be broken without the coming of the Lion of Tribe of Juda, and the Root of David.    – Rev.5:5

That is why JESUS CHRIST had to come to fulfill these Promises. But Jesus Christ had become the Quickening Spirit. (I Cori. 15:45). So, Jesus Christ-the Quickening Spirit needed a “BODY” to come to the church to fulfill these Promises. So, Jesus Christ-the Quickening Spirit had taken the Body of the Great Prophet Branham, and has accomplished these Promises.

“… A little while and the world seeth me no more, but you shall see me”

“.not the Body, the LIFE that was in Him”       -The Easter Seal (91) 

“THE LIFE of Christ in the church produces CHRIST OVER AGAIN that is how they see CHRIST”    -We would see Jesus (180)

Thus the Lord, by His sovereignty, has made the Great Prophet Branham to be the CHRIST THE FIRST FRUITS of the harvest. All the signs and the attributes of the son of man were profoundly manifested in His Life CHRIST BRANHAM was THE MANIFESTED SON OF GOD that was sent at the evening time. He Himself was THE EVENING LIGHT.


“…The Alpha has become Omega… The seed that went in has through a process had become the seed again”.              -Master Piece (171)

Previously Quoted some of the God given dreams, visions, and events, though many more things are there, should have given some understanding to the believers about the Great Prophet Branham. Now if you give this life of things to any man, even an unbeliever, he will say these things describe that Bro.William Branham to be something more than an ordinary man.

These so-called believers are in no way better than an unbeliever. Even their mental understanding has become so dully by the denominational spirit, that the Word of God has become effectless.

“… Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you hypocrites; as it is written, `These people honour me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. They worship Me in vain; teaching as doctrine the precepts of men’.

You have let go of the commandment of God and are holding on to the traditions of men”    -Matt. 7:6-8.


Now the Judgement is hanging on these so-called believers!

You hypocrites, repent, run to God, and see whether any mercy is available for you, because you have committed unforgivable sin, the sin against the very Holy Ghost!

“And the Holy Ghost today is not no third person. It is God, Himself, manifested in human flesh by the Blood of Jesus Christ to sanctify A LIFE that He might reflect Himself through. And they crucify that same Word made manifest.

…The crucification of Christ today is the people who will deny the vindicated and manifested Son of God among the people…

… He is the same Son of God, because He said John 14:12 now, that, “The works that I do shall you do also”. Hebrews 13:8, “He is the same yesterday, today, and forever”.

“That is the reason I indict this generation of guilty of crucifying, blaspheming, the manifested Son of God!

That is His promise for all the prophets, and CHRIST Himself to be in  the last days, like it was in the days of Noah and the days of sodom”.  – Indictment (37,36)

“…When a Messenger was sent, to misconstrue His Word or to doubt one Word, it was total annihilation and Eternal separation from God, to misconstrue that Messenger’s Word”  -The end-time evangelism (71)

“My people are destroyed because they don’t know me, and it is all your fault, you priests, for you yourselves refuse to know me; therefore I refuse to recognize you as my priests. Since you have forgotten my laws, I will “forget” to bless your children” – Hosea 4:6 (Living Bible) 

The Great God of heaven by His sovereignty had ordained Bro.William Branham to be the first MAN to restore to the original status of Adam. So to say, Bro. William Branham is THE FIRST MAN to whom CHRISTHOOD was restored, and the TITLE DEED for the world, which Adam had lot is now placed in the hands of Christ Branham. Thus, He is made the King of this world. He is THE REAL MASTER PIECE OF GOD. And He is THE REAL ADAM.

He is THE MOST HOLY of Daniel 9:24, THE REAL TABERNACLE that the Lord is going to dwell and reign in the Millennium.

Six fold purpose of Gabriel’s visit – (116).  -The seventy weeks of daniel (48)

Christ Branham is the REAL CHRIST. Jesus Christ made himself a shadow of the TRUE CHRIST that was to come at the end time.

“…When the positive becomes closer to the negative, the negative is swallowed up in the positive. The shadow and the positive comes together, and that’s what makes it then a the positive. And if all the things the Bible said in the Old Testament was shadows of the things to come, then therefore, Christ was the shadow of things to come”.  –  God’s chosen place of worship (36)

“In the Old testament there are patterns types and shadows. The Old Testament was a shadow of the New Testament. That which is in both Testament is a shadow of this day. Various TRUTHS can be had from certain portions of Scripture” – Hear ye Him.

 Christ Branham is the CENTRAL THEME of the entire Bible and the spoken Word Messages. The Revelation of various “TYPES AND SHADOWS’ in the Bible, stated below is, “THUS SAITH THE LORD”.

1. Christ Branham is “the REAL ADAM”

2. He is the Real “WOMAN’S SEED” – (Gen 3:15)

3. He is the Real “ISAAC”

4. He is the Real “BETHEL”

5. He is the Real “JOSEPH”

6. He is the “BURNING THORN BUSH” which Moses saw on the mount Horeb.

7. He is the Moses of Second Exodus.

8. He is the “REAL SHILOAH”

9. He is the “SECOND BULLOCK of seven years old, the sacrifice offered by Gideon

10. He is the Real “BOAZ”

11. He is the Real “SON OF DAVID”

12. He is the Real “SEGUB” – (I Kings 16:34)

13. He is the Real “King Joash” (II Kings 11)

14. He is the Real “Zerubbabel” (SHESHABAZAR) – (EZRA)

15. He is the Real “EZRA”

16. He is the Real “CYRUS” – (Isai 45)

17. He is the Real “DANIEL”

18. He is the “ONE LIKE THE SON OF MAN” (Dan 7)

19. He is the “STONE that is cut out without hands”

20. He is the Real “JONAH” – (Dan 2).

21. He is the “STONE” which had seven eyes (Zec 3:9)

22. He is ONE of the two OLIVE TREES of Zec. 4

23. He is the second SMITTEN Rock – (Num 20)

24. He is the second set of “STONE TABLETS”, which were made of man and written of God (Exo.34:1)

25. He is “THE MAN” (THE MESSIAH) whose name is THE BRANCH – (Zec 6:12,13)

26. He is “THE SON” that was sent at the fruit season (the harvest time – Matt 21).

27. He is the “Stone” of Matt 21:44

28. He is the “Builders rejected Stone, the became THE CAP STONE” – (Psa 118:22).

29. He is the “ONE” that was to come in the Name of the Lord (Matt 23:39)

30. He is “THE SON OF MAN” of Lk.17, that was to come at this end time.

31. He is THE “PLACE” of Jn. 14:1-3.

32. He is “THE MAN” begotten by the woman of Jn.16.

33. He is “THE LORD’S INHERITANCE” Eph. 1:18.

34. He is “THE LAMB” that appeared to be slain – Rev.5.

35. He is “THE MIGHTY ANGEL” of Rev. 10:1

36. He is “THE MAN CHILD” begotten by the woman (Rev.12:1-5)

37. He is THE LORD’S CHRIST – Rev. 11:15)

38. He is “THE EVENING LIGHT” – Zec. 14

39. He is the ONE that comes as the King of kings and Lord of lords with His vesture dipped in the Blood of Rev. 19.

40. etc, etc, etc….

NOTE: To understand these Revelations in detail please read our “WORLD SHAKING MESSAGE SERIES” Very, very soon the heaven and the earth will be shaken to prove and vindicate this MESSAGE OF BIBLE TRUTH.

World shaking message series




When God fulfills His promises, He wants and expects His people first of all to recognize what God Has done. Secondly, He wants His people to confess what God has done. Thirdly, He wants His people to identify themselves with what He has done.




This message is only for those BELIEVERS WHO ARE LOOKING FOR THE COMING OF THE LORD AS FORETOLD BY THE GREAT PROPHET WILLIAM MARRION BRANHAM, whose messages are completely based on the Living Word of God, THE BIBLE.




The Holy Bible speaks of only one Lord God. He is the Saviour and He himself isthe Redeemer.Salvation is quite different from Redemption. The modern Christian world hasfailed to understand that Redemption is quite different from Salvation.




“The Only Begotten Son” and “The First Begotten Son” are two differentpersons.The modern Christian preachers are under the wrong notion that two sons are one and thesame person.The Bible says the Lord Jesus Christ had come as the only begotten son but the Bibleclearly tells us that the First Begotten Son was yet to come




Thus says the LORD of hosts: behold THE MAN [THE MESSIAH] Whose Name is THE BRANCH; for He shall grow up in His place, and He shall build the temple of the Lord.WHO IS THIS MAN MESSIAH, Whose name is THE BRANCH, that is going to reign as THE TRUE SON OF DAVID, in the Millennium? 




The Revelation of the Seven Seals contains the entire plan of redemption. The complete Revelation of Seals is the culmination of the Great Plan of Redemption. One of the purposes of God revealing the seals to His Real Bride is to show what He was doing in the past, what He is now doing in the present, and what He is going to do in the future.




This message of the Revelation of the Headstone is the greatestmessage ever given of God to mankind, and it is the continuation of themessage of the pyramid. This gives the complete and perfectrevelation of Christ.




Great judgment of God is commanded to follow this Heaven sent short Message, to strike this generation for not believing the very Promises of Jesus Christ for this end time, and for failing to recognize the fulfilments of those  Promises.




The purpose of the sole aim of Christ Branham's ministry was to prove that Christ Jesus is Living and His Word is the Truth. In the same way, the sole aim of our ministry is to testify that Christ Branham is alive and His Word is the Truth.