Christ Branham







How I got the revelation that Christ Branham is the Lord.

I was born on 10th January 1935 in a Christian family in the city of kolar Gold field in Karnataka state.

I had my school education there, later on my I went to Bangalore for my higher studies, there I got my B.Sc degree and engineering degree AMIE and I was working in Hindustan Aircraft Limited.

In 1962 December ,Bro Lawrie conducted a Gospel campaign in Cox Town where I was living. In that campaign I was saved and was filled with the Holy Ghost.

On 23 December 1962 , a retreat was conducted at that time a great ball of fire had come and rested on me and I had a wonderful  experience in me.

Later on I have come to understand that Christ Branham had a great vision of seven angels visiting him. This vision had come to him on the previous day the ball of fire had come to me. Only on the next Sunday 30th December 1962 He had preached the great message Sirs is this the time.

Only during that week the Lord had spoken to me in a still voice and called me for his service. Though it was a still voice, it was very clear and distinct.

Only that week I had to attend an interview for the post of and Assistant Engineer. So, I was in a great dilemma for three days, not knowing what to do, to take up the engineering profession or to obey to the commission of God and come for the ministry.

Then I decided to surrender to the will of God, knowing that I cannot be in peace in any other profession .so, I took all my certificates and credentials tore them to pieces and burnt them.

Only then some sort of peace came into my heart.

Only during that time God had given me two visions .At that time what a vision was ,one early morning I was kneeling down and praying by the side of my bed, I was very conscious though my eyes were closed, I saw a large field with the crops fully grown, with the grains fully matured with the stalks of grain bowing down.

 The field was ready for the harvest .At the time a great sickle came down and stood in a flat position over the stalks of grains.

Next, I had another vision ,I was standing on a gnats section men and women were working with crow bars and shovels ,people were caring gravels, small stones and muds in large pans over their head.

Watching all these things, I asked the people what they were doing , for that they said King is coming, so we are paving the path.

At that time , I did not know the meaning of these visions, now the Holy Ghost has revealed they referred and signify my ministry.

I was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in the ministry of my precious Bro.Lawrie. He only baptized me in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, I loved him very much, and when I resigned my job and came out for service, I was doing the ministry in association with him.

There was a little Ashram, only one room built and it was the middle of great wilderness, about four miles, northern and south side to the main road ,near Tirunelvelli town.

I had my training in the ministry only in the wilderness.

For four to five years I was in that wilderness undergoing much troubles in my life.

I liked the city of Bangalore, where I had my college education doing engineering profession. I wanted to settle my life there.

Latter on the Lord had taken me to the Ashram, at that time I do not know why I was taken to Ashram the great wilderness .Only now the Holy Ghost had revealed through the message of Christ Branham that the fore runner of the second coming of Christ would come from the wilderness as John the Baptist came from the wilderness.

Only Bro.Lawrie had hold me about the Prophet Branham; was a Great Prophet sent of God to forerun the second coming of the Lord.

When Prophet Branham died in 1965,we were expecting for the Son-of-Man to appear on the earth to take away the bride. In those days the books of Spoken word messages were not available .Till 1969 Bro.Lawrie was leading us correctly in that message of the Great Prophet Branham.

In 1969,Bro.Lawrie went to states to attend some conference in the city of Conuga,US.

That was the time that the American Astronauts were trying to land on moon.

At that time Bro.Lawrie had some strange experience in that states and return and told us that God has made him the Son-of-Man, and he would prepare the bride for three and half years and then take the bride in the Rapture ,people from the States, Canada ,Germany and other places had come to Ashram, the Triunelveli .

We expected the Rapture in 1972,but the Rapture did not come. Then the people began to doubt the ministry and began to go away one by one.

I loved him so much and I believed his word fully and stayed in Ashram itself  with my wife and four children.

As the Rapture did not take place in 1972,Bro.Lawrie began to preach messages controversial to the messages of the great Prophet Branham. So, I decided to leave the Ashram and came out of it in 1974, disassociating my fellowship with him.

 We came to the city of Vellore and stayed with my parents in law. I did not want to join any denomination, though they eagerly waiting to take me.

I began to humble myself, search the scriptures and the messages of the Great Prophet Branham to understand in which body that the Lord would come.

When Jesus was born, the three wise men saw the stars and went to Jerusalem to see the baby king. Till Jerusalem they traveled under the guidance of the star when they reach Jerusalem they let the leading of the star by their carnal mind went to the palace expecting Christ to be there.

When they failed to see the Christ in the palace they came to the star light again, then the star led them to Bethlehem (The house of bread) there they found the Christ.

This was only a shadow of what happened in our lives. We went to Ashram to meet the Son-of-Man , but we could not see the attributes and signs of the Son-of-Man there. So, we  left the Ashram and came out in great disappointment.

And I began to pray and search the scriptures diligently and the messages of Prophet Branham to understand the coming of the Lord, how He is coming.

In 1980, I was reading the book of Seventy weeks of Daniel there I got the first enlightment of how the Lord is coming.

In this chapter Six fold purposes of Gabriels visit

To anoint The Most Holy here Christ Branham had said that this Most Holy that was to be anointed at this End-Time cannot be Lord Jesus Christ, because He was already anointed and He has said the most Holy is the Tabernacle that the Lord is going to use in the Millennium.

In the book, “We would see Jesus” – Christ Branham has said we not are going to see Jesus Christ in the same body with long hair, long beard, in a long robe as He was in the world and also he has said any hypocrite can imitate that, and also He said that the life of Jesus Christ is the Church and this life will reproduce Christ among human being Thats how we are going to see Christ.

In the same Message, he has said the Messenger of the Holy Ghost is in the Church doing the very same things which Jesus Christ was doing; this makes him the Christ the same yesterday today and forever.

So the Messenger of the Holy Ghost was Prophet Branham Himself and He was doing the very same thing what Jesus was doing so it is quite evident that the Prophet Branham has become the Christ reproduced.

In the Message, Souls in Prison, it is said that the third pull reproduces Christ from Human beings.

In the Message,” How can I overcome , Prophet Branham has said that the third pull is moving within me.

So, again it is quite evident that prophet Branham us the Christ reproduced.

From that time onwards God has been unfolding more and more truths to substantiate this fact.

For more that twenty years the Holy Ghost has been revealing and confirming the fact that Christ Branham is the Lord.

If you read our Messages you will also get enlighten.