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"A short and quick message that will shake the whole nation" - And knoweth it not(39)




“Now, I show you, knowing what was going to happen, Brother Jackson dreamed a dream. He couldn’t get away from it. And I was leaving his church, and he just couldn’t stand it. How long ago has it been Brother Jackson? [Brother Jackson says, “I had the dream in February of ’61.”—Ed.]

February of ’61 he had the dream. And he come to me, and he said, “Something is on my heart; I must tell you, Brother Branham.”

I said, “Go on, Brother Jackson.”

And he said, “I dreamed a dream,” and there it was. I just set still. And I listened and watched. He said, “I dreamed that there was a great big hill, like out in a field where blue grass, or something was.” And said, “Up on top of this hill, where the water had washed away the soil, there was a top rock up on top of the hill; like the—the top of the mountain. It was rock, no grass. And where the water had washed down, it had cut some kind of readings on these stones, and you were standing there interpreting this reading on these stones.” And said, “All of it…” And here’s the way he put it, said, “The brethren from Georgia, and from all around, we were all standing together, listening to you interpret that mysterious writing on those stones that mountain.”

And said, “Then you picked up something, like from the air, something like a wrecking bar, or—or a crowbar,” wasn’t it, brother? Something like that, a wrecking bar, real sharp, and said, “How you done it, I don’t know.” And said, “You struck the top of that mountain, ripped it around, and lifted the cap of it off. It was in the shape of a pyramid. And you ripped the top of it off.” Now, that was months and months and months before the pyramid message was preached. And said, “Beneath that was white stone, granite, and you said, ‘The sun, or the light, has never shined on this before. Look in on this. Watch this.’”

And that’s right, because in the formation of the world, the world was formed before there was light. We all know that. God moved upon the water, and—and then in the beginning He spoke for light. And naturally, down under there in the age that formation was, that light had never come upon that stone.

And he said, “Look upon this. Light has never come upon it before.” And when all of them got up, and I told them to watch that, and all of them come up to look in. But he said while they were looking in, he looked out of the corner of his eye, I believe it was, and watched me. I slipped off to one side and started going towards the west, towards the setting of the sun, coming up a hill, going down a hill, coming up a hill, going down a hill, getting smaller and smaller, and went all the way out of sight.

And he said then, when I did that… He said, “Then the brethren turned around after while, and said, ‘Did he vanish? Where did he go?’” And said, “Some took out that way, some took one way, and some another, but a very few stayed and looked on to what I had told them.”

Now, notice, the interpretation of the dream, which I never told him one thing, or none of these did I tell any of them. But I said, “Yes,” and my heart shaking, I was watching. Now, the mysterious writing… Wait; I’ll just leave it for a little bit.”- Sirs,Is this the time (14,15)

Though Christ Branham has narrated the dream but he has not interpreted it. This had raised a big question among the believers; who had not understood the Will of God!

The Lord always interprets a particular scripture, vision or a dream only after it’s fulfillment. Apostle John wrote the Rev. 1:3 about the Seven Churches in Asia Minor; but he did not have the revelation of what he had written. For two thousand years the Church did not have the revelation of the Book of Revelation. Only Christ Branham gave the revelation of it. Christ Branham says that the Holy Spirit did not give the interpretation about the Seven Church Ages because the History was not made yet.

In Revelation Chapter 10 there are 13 verses. But whereas Christ Branham had referred Rev.10th Chapter, He has mentioned only Rev.10:1-

  • and also He has not interpreted Rev.10:1-7. Because His ministry lies only in Rev.10:1-7. As He has not interpreted even this Rev.10:1-7; because there are also two ministries kept hidden in that Scripture. And only a part of that scripture, that is, the Mighty Angel keeping His Left foot on the earth (that is U.S.A.) was fulfilled in His ministry. And the Mighty Angel keeping His right foot on the sea was yet to be fulfilled. That is why He could not give the interpretation of Rev.10:1-7.

Regarding Bro. Junior Jackson’s dream, it was not completely fulfilled at that time and that is why He did not give the interpretation. Now the dream is completely fulfilled and it has become an History and the Holy Spirit interpreted it.

This dream contains the three distinct ministries of Christ Branham.

There are three kinds of mysteries in the Bible.

  1. The written mystery
  2. The unwritten mystery

Again in the unwritten mystery there are two kinds of mysteries.

  1. The mysteries expressed in symbols (Rev.6)
  2. The Hidden mystery (neither expressed in words nor in sym-bols).

The dream is fulfilled in three stages/phases.

Christ Branham interprets the writings on the Rock. That was Christ Branham revealing the written mysteries in the Bible.

  1. PHASE

After interpreting the writings on the Rock, Christ Branham went the top of the mountain. There, in a mysterious way He caught hold a sharp crow bar or wrecking bar like implement and ripped and lifted the Headstone.

Hence the sharp crow bar like tool represents THE SWORD OF THE KING which He got in Sabino Canyon. Only after receiving the ‘THE SWORD OF THE KING’ Christ Branham had opened the seals. So, Christ Branham ripping and lifting up the Cap Stone represents the opening of the Seals.

The ‘WHITE STONE’ on which nothing was written and no light had fallen represents the HIDDEN MYSTERY. And it is THE MESSAGE kept hidden in the Messages of Christ Branham.

After bringing the White Stone to the notice of the people, He told them to be watching there till He comes again.

As the people were looking at the White Stone He slipped off from the people and went down the mountain and went westward; going up a hill, coming down a hill, going up a hill and coming down a hill, then became like dot and then vanished. This represents His death.

III PHASE (pictures III & IV)

After the death of Christ Branham almost all of His believers except a few of the elected ones in India in the East, joined in small groups went away in different ways.