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"A short and quick message that will shake the whole nation" - And knoweth it not(39)

The Life and Ministry of Brother S. Thomas


The Lord Jesus Christ said in many places in the scriptures that the Son of Man would come in the last days, during the harvest. This is also mentioned in Luke 17:26, John 14:2, and Zechariah 14:7.

  • As evidence that Jesus Christ’s words are truth and their fulfillment is also the truth, Christ Branham manifested in the West (America).
  • Christ Branham’s birth and ministry were vindicated by heaven, confirming it as a vindicated ministry.
  • All the signs of the Son of Man were found in Christ Branham’s ministry.
  • At the time of Christ Branham’s birth, he was surrounded by a pillar of fire.
  • Mirroring the appearance of three stars in a straight line at the birth of Jesus Christ, the same celestial pattern appeared two thousand years later on April 6, 1909, when Christ Branham was born. This phenomenon was verified by scientific observation.
  • The angels of the Lord directly communicated with Christ Branham on numerous occasions.
  • From his childhood, Christ Branham experienced many visions, and they all fulfilled.
  • Christ Branham had the ability to heal the sick by laying his hands on them, identifying their sickness, and praying for them.
  • He could discern people’s thoughts and intentions, revealing them accurately.
  • In his ministry, Christ Branham performed numerous miracles and signs: restoring sight to the blind, opening the ears of the deaf, enabling the mute to speak, and lame to walk, curing cancer patients, and even raising the dead. Many were healed simply by being in his shadow, and people received what they requested through faith in his words.
  • Christ Branham miraculously created squirrels simply by speaking.
  • He stopped a snowstorm in the Colorado Mountains through his spoken word.
  • A supernatural pillar of fire descended upon Christ Branham. This was investigated by FBI experts in America, who confirmed it as a supernatural light and archived the photograph in the Congress Library in Washington, D.C.
  • He broke the seven seals mentioned in the Book of Revelation and revealed God’s mysteries. Christ Branham traveled globally, spreading the gospel, and demonstrating God’s supernatural power.

Two Climaxes in the Ministry of Christ Branham

The first climax of Christ Branham’s ministry took place in the evening, and the second is to take place at midnight. In God’s plan of redemption, Christ Branham came as the evening light, carrying out his ministry. Despite being rejected by the people, he fulfilled the prophecy by dying and resurrecting on the third day of His burial, similar to Jesus Christ, and then ascended to heaven, taking his place as the King of kings and Lord of lords.

During the first climax of his ministry, in his messages, Christ Branham prophesied about the second climax of his ministry, which is predicted to occur at midnight before the Lord’s second coming.

Some of the Prophecies Foretold by Christ Branham About Brother S. Thomas

“… And as civilization has traveled, East to the West, so has the Gospel traveled with it. And now there is no place to go but back East again.” – 65-0117 – A Paradox

 “… But there’s an hour coming now when something is fixing to take place. The Message will go to another nation, another people”. – 63-0115 – Accepting God’s Provided Way At The End Time

 “But let me say this, that there will come—there will come a Message, and there will come a messenger. I believe that if it’s to be a man it—it’ll be somebody after me. See? It’ll be…But this Message that I’m preaching is the true Message of this day, and it’s the last Message”.  – 61-0112 – Questions And Answers

 “Now we are closer than it seems to be. I don’t know when, but it’s real, real close. I may be building a platform for somebody else to step on. I may be taken before that time.”  – 63-1229E – Look Away To Jesus

 “Then, Lord, I pray that You’ll help me. I—I—I’m beginning to fade away, Lord. I know my days can’t be too many more. And I pray that You’ll help me, to let me be true, Lord, and honest and sincere, that I might be able to bear the Message as far as it’s ordained for me to bear. And when it comes to the time that I must lay down, and I get down to the River, and the waves begin to come in, O God, may I be able to hand this old Sword over to somebody else that’ll be honest with It, Lord, and will pack the Truth. Grant it, Lord” – 63-0324E – The Seventh Seal

 “…Said, “The earth shook, from under my feet.” And said, “After it quit shaking, I heard a voice.” And said, “Brother Branham, it was your voice,” said, “I knowed; there was something said that.” Said—said, “It said, ‘I’ll ride this trail once more!’” And said, “I started looking up the rock, like this, and looked on, in a past the clouds. And way up there, standing on a rock that reached from the east to the west, in a pointed shape like that, like a pyramid, run back here to the east, and,” said, “there you were standing there, on a horse that I never seen anything like it in my life; great white horse, white mane hanging down.” And said, “You was dressed like an Indian chief, with all the things the Indians use.” Said, “He had a breastplate; them bangles on the arms, and all down around like that.” – 65-0815 – And Knoweth It Not

 “Now this messenger of Malachi 4 and Revelation 10:7 is going to do two things. One: According to Malachi 4 he will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers. Two: He will reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders in Revelation 10 which are the revelations contained in the seven seals. It will be these Divinely revealed “mystery-truths” that literally turn the hearts of the children to the Pentecostal fathers. Exactly so.” – An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages – 9 – The Laodicean Church Age

Like Thomas, he was about the last one to see the Lord. But, he had to see Him, to believe Him. See, when they see it happen. Oh, Thomas come in, but he was a little late. Now when they see the things that’s predicted, and saying THUS SAITH THE LORD, happens, then they say, “Give us some of your Oil.” See? – 65-0718M – Trying To Do God A Service Without Being The Will Of God

Did you notice in that picture? Even that Angel on the right, when he was being materialized, coming down, with his wings back and his head setting sideways, there it is right there in the picture, just exactly. Months before it happened, told here, that, “He’s going to bring the Body of believers together; to reveal, take up them lost ends.” – 63-0728 – Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed

 “…But Joshua was a God-sent prophet and he knew the promises of God, so he waited for them. He waited for a clear-cut decision from God and when the time came to move, God placed the full leadership in Joshua’s hands because he had stayed with the Word. God could trust Joshua but not the others. So it will repeat in this end day. The same problem, the same pressures.” – An Exposition Of The Seven Church Ages – 5 – The Pergamean Church Age

 “And just then, I heard something going, just making a real humming noise, like a dynamo a running. 59 And I looked up, and here came another Angel. This One standing by my side was the same Man that always talks. And here come another One from heaven, and He had great oscillating Light turned on. And this Angel caught me by the shoulders and turned me to the east. And as I looked to the east, I never seen so many people in all my life, and they wasn’t Africans. They looked like they…They had a—a sheet wrapped around them like this, and just pulled it up and stuffed it down like the Indians wear, up around Calcutta, and up in that way. And they were little bitty, skinny men. And they had their hands up, just a praising God, and a screaming my name as loud as they could to come that way. And I looked, and the Angel that stood just above me then, He was a great, mighty looking Fellow too.” – 53-1114 – Africa Trip Report

 “What kind of a messenger would God send us for this last days? I’ll tell you this, my brother, sister, as your brother and fellow servant looking for that time to come, he would be the same kind of a messenger that come to the other time. The same kind! He would bring the church back to the Word. God, let us lay a foundation for it before it gets here. Before he comes, let us put a foundation out and be stones, cut, ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with him when God sends him, because He promised He’d do it.” – 63-0116 – The Evening Messenger

 “But one of these days, there’s a great magnet coming from the East, called the Son of God, that’ll sweep this land. And every person that’s dead in Christ shall rise with Him” – 54-0329 – Redemption By Power

 “Well, I wouldn’t exactly say that he would, that he would go to the wilderness. But he’ll be this, you see, he was…Elisha and Elijah, did you notice? Most men like that are men who are away; they, they keep away from the people. They’re very odd. They don’t associate too much with people.” – 63-0324M – Questions And Answers On The Seals

 “When Elijah’s spirit comes upon the man, it will drive him just like Elijah. He’ll go to the wilderness. He’ll love the wilderness. He’ll be a hater of immoral women. He’ll be against organization. He’ll pull no punches for nobody. And that’s just…That’s, that’ll be his spirit. It was, each time it come, see. Moses will be the same person.” – 63-0322 – The Fifth Seal

 “I believe, if anything, the Message that we got today will forerun that great coming of him. Yes, sir! He’s on his road, already born. Like Elijah was, and come busting out of the wilderness, somewhere he’ll make hisself known. He’ll preach Acts 2. He’ll bring the Faith of these old Pentecostal fathers right back to the…the faith of these Pentecostal children, right back to the Faith of the Pentecostal fathers. He’ll go right, back to Acts 2, Acts 2:38, all down through. He’ll bring the real, unadulterated Gospel. He’ll not have anything to do with Jezebel and her system. He’ll be a servant of God. Sure will! The Bible said he would come. He’ll prophesy and bust his Message in the face of these Jezebels, just exactly like Elijah did in the beginning to Israel. They’ll hate him! They won’t cooperate with him. No, no. He’ll come! God promised it, and he’ll rise on the scene. He’ll—he’ll preach to the Elected Church as It said he would, shaking that Elect, shaking the carn’ish off of it, the—the world and things, shaking it down, boiling it down, getting the Church together, a people.” – 61-0319 – Jezebel Religion

A Brief Message and Prayer

– Brother S. Thomas

Greetings in the new name of our Lord Jesus Christ, Christ Branham!

At present, we are living in the last hour in the God’s plan of redemption.

I greet everyone who reads this testimony in the name of Christ Branham, the new name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Christ Branham is the eternal name of the Lord in Heaven. I had no idea that I would write this testimony. But the Lord uttered me to write it. I need to pass on this testimony to the believers who will come from overseas to hear this message and the saints who will come forward to be martyred for the doctrines of Christ Branham. Furthermore, I would like to leave these testimonies as a remembrance.

Christ Branham has stated in His messages that after the rapture, people would submit themselves to be martyred. 

I would like to share these testimonies with the people to know how we were neglected and how we suffered for the sake of the truth.

Christians and believers of the last day’s message (even those who believe the prophet Branham) did not accept this truth.

We are neglected by the Christian world. But nothing has shaken our faith in any way. God Himself has been strengthening us with His living word and living presence. He has given us unshakable faith, even if the entire world is against us.

Now, everything is completed. The bride has attained the fullness of God. Now, the bride is preparing to come forth as a mighty army of God to shake heaven and earth for the glory of Christ Branham’s name, to accomplish mighty deeds, and to demonstrate Christ Branham’s resurrection to the entire world.

Let us pray

Our Loving Heavenly Father, we praise You, Christ Branham, you are omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent, we are currently living in the time of Your redemption plan which is fulfilled. Lord, we praise you for revealing your mysteries to us to clearly know how you have accomplished your plan of redemption.

Even now, guide me to write a book on my life and ministry.

We give You all the praise, honor, and glory.

Father, we ask in the name of the living Lord Christ Branham – Amen.

My Biography

                                                            – Brother S. Thomas

On the 10th (Thursday) of January 1935, I was born into a Christian family at the address of Door No. 91, Kennedy 3rd Street, Nandirook Mines, Urgam Post, Kolar Gold Fields (K.G.F.) (near Bangalore), State of Karnataka, India.

My father’s name is Z. Sathiyanathan (the father of truth), my mother’s name is S. Esther Ranjitham, my grandfather’s name is Zachariah, and my grandmother’s name is Elizabeth (the names of my grandparents and John the Baptist’s parents are the same). I’m the fifth child in my family.

Father Z. Sathiyanathan and Mother S. Ranjitham
  1. Elder Sister S. Susila M.B.B.S.,
  2. Elder Brother George Peter (passed away in his childhood)
  3. Elder Brother S. Selvaraj B.Sc., (Mining Engineer) K.G.F.
  4. Elder Sister Violet Annamalai, Teacher
  5. S. Thomas Wesley B.Sc.,A.M.I.E.,
  6. Younger Brother S. Jeevan Kumar B.A.,

My father was God fearing, strict, and disciplined. He was also a church elder and an evangelist. He raised us in the fear of the Lord and with discipline. If we did anything wrong, he would beat us with a cane stick. He brought us up in Christian life. We regularly pray at our house, and he will not allow us to have food before our family prayer.

He would take us to Church every Sunday. If we did something bad over there, Dad would beat us with the cane when we returned home.

Our father did not allow us to socialise or play with the children who were playing in the street. He would not allow us to go to the Cinemas or listen to cinema songs. Even he did not purchase a radio since it would play cinema songs.

Our father worked in the gold mine in the city of K.G.F. Our parents raised us in a good manner and educated us well with their sacrifice. Our mother took care of the family. She cared for the family with diligence and responsibility.

Our parents are from Nangamangalam Village in the Andhra Pradesh district of Chittoor. They lived in the city of Kolar Gold Field (K.G.F.) in the state of Karnataka due to our father’s employment.

As an engineering student

I completed my school studies in the year of 1952.

From 1952 to 1954, I attended Government Kolar College for intermediate studies. I commuted eighteen kilometers to college every day. I would leave at 7:30 a.m. and return at 8 p.m.

I pursued B.Sc., at Central College, Bangalore from the year 1954 to 1957.

From 1958 to 1959, I worked as a Mathematics and Science teacher at Corporation High School in Austin Town, Bangalore.

From 1957 to 1962, I studied A.M.I.E. Mechanical Engineering at the Central Engineering Institute in Samrajpet, Bangalore.

During B.Sc convocation

From 1960 to 1962, I served as an Inspector in the Department of Stores and Production at Hindustan Aircraft Limited, Bangalore, which was an aircraft manufacturing factory. At that time, I was residing at my elder sister Violet’s house in Bangalore. Mr. Annamalai, my sister’s husband was serving as an auditor at the Accountant General office, in Bangalore.

From 1960 to 1962, I worked as an Inspector in the Stores and Production department of Hindustan Aircraft Limited, Bangalore, an aircraft manufacturing company. I was staying at my elder sister Violet’s residence in Bangalore at the time. Mr. Annamalai, my sister’s husband, was an auditor at the Accountant General’s office in Bangalore.

During the training at Hindustan Aircraft Limited

He moved to Andaman Island with his family owing to his transfer. I was staying at their house. I was a member of C.S.I Church of Cox Town, Bangalore. In the month of December 1962, Brother R.P. Lawrie organized a Convention Meeting at Gymkhana Ground, Cox Town, Bangalore.

Tracts for that meeting were issued at our Church on a Sunday. I was reluctant to attend those meetings. I didn’t go to the first day meeting. On the second day, I just went there to see how the meeting was going on and how many people were gathering. That meeting was organized on the ground just next to the road. As soon as I stepped into the meeting, I felt a strange experience. I felt a kind of power descends on me.

When I read those two banners, I felt the same power descend on me. That was a new experience for me at the time. I had no idea what that was. Brother Lawrie delivered the message on the stage. I found God’s power manifesting itself. Demon-possessed were flapping around.  He cast out the demons within them. Jesus Christ became true to me when I saw the sick were healed. I realized that Jesus Christ was the living God.

When he was saved

When I heard the name Jesus Christ, I assumed it was a historical figure. He, like Robert Cleve, was a historical author. But after attending Brother Lawrie’s meeting, Christ became real to me. I realized that Christ is alive. After having such experiences, I started going to those meetings daily.

One day, in a meeting, Brother R.P. Lawrie preached about Jonah the prophet. Storm got into Jonah’s life because he was not in the place where God wanted him to be.  Similarly, if you have a comparable tempest in your life that is causing no peace, it indicates that you are not in the place where God intended you to be. These words of preaching struck my heart and for a long time, these words resonated in my ears.

He also emphasised in his sermon, “We cannot be Christians unless we have the spirit of Christ.” You should not see yourself as a Christian only because you attend a Christian church. If you believe this, you should enter a car shed and transform it into a car. These words, too, were deeply embedded in my heart and resonated in my ears for quite some time. After hearing this sermon, I understood I wasn’t a true Christian.

He explained about the salvation in detail.  “Salvation is an experience, when we stroll down in the scorching heat and discover a shadow under a tree and stop, we get a cool sensation. Likewise, salvation is an experience.”

Then, in his sermon, he said, “If you want to go to Church in order to receive God in your heart, wherever you are, you should confess your sins and ask God to cast out the sins and cleanse you with His blood and God to dwell in your heart. You will then realize the presence of God in your heart.

One day, in my room, I knelt down and prayed with tears confessing my sins to the Lord, “I’m a sinner, cleanse me with your blood, Lord”. Then, I prayed, “Lord, come into my heart, I receive you in my heart.

I had been praying to the Lord, “What is Your will in my life, Lord? Why was I sent to this world?”

One day, when I was working at Hindustan Aircraft, I came home after my duty. As soon as I got into the house, I heard a tender voice. In that tender voice, the Lord said to me, “read Romans chapter 15”. Though it was a tender voice, the words were very clear and stable. When I got into the house picked up the Bible and read Romans Chapter 15, the words in it were exactly the same given to me. They were reassuring me. Especially, the 13th verse comforted and strengthened me.

Romans 15:13

            “Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Ghost”. Amen.

            When I read this scripture, the Holy Spirit moved my heart that the Lord was calling me to do His ministry and preach the gospel to those who did not know Him. God’s calling was so certain.

My First Two Visions After Salvation

At 5 a.m. one day during the week of my salvation, I was praying on my knees by the cot slanting over the bed. When my eyes were closed, God showed me a vision. I did not know what vision was. It was my first vision in my whole life. In the vision, there was a wheat field, and all the crops were matured. Wheat in them had turned out to be golden. All those crops had put their heads down. Then I noticed a massive sickle emerge and stand above the field.

After a while, as I was seeing that vision, I found myself at the base of a mountain. Then I find a rough route. Men and women were digging with shovels and crowbars. They were breaking the rocks and stones and filling the pits with the broken stones. I was then standing aside. I asked, “What are they doing?”. I was told, “The king is coming, so they are preparing the path for him”.

These were the two visions shown to me when the Lord called me for His ministry. I didn’t understand what that meant at that time. Only now has God given me the grace to understand the significance of those visions.

The experience of receiving the Holy Spirit

The Lord instilled in me a desire to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Every night, after the meeting was over, Brother Lawrie would place his hand on people and pray for their healing, blessing, and to receive the Holy Spirit. I, too, knelt on that ground in my eagerness to receive the Holy Spirit. The people next to me were filled with the spirit and spoke in tongues. But I did not get that experience.

On Sunday 23rd December 1962 the Last meeting was organized in the mango orchard just behind Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) Dooravani Nagar, Bangalore. Brother Lawrie asked the people, “Come to the meeting to receive the Holy Spirit. Those who did not receive the Holy Spirit came with 3 days of fasting on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hence, I went to that meeting with fasting. It was the first time I had observed fasting in my life.

Letter sent by Brother Lawrie

Brother Lawrie gave a short message at that meeting about how we should have faith to receive the Holy Spirit. Then he said, “Let’s get down on our knees and praise God in faith so we can get the Holy Spirit. I got on my knees, closed my eyes, and said “Thank you Lord for filling me with your Holy Spirit”. Before I could finish saying these words, I saw a very bright light coming towards me. I saw something like a big ball of fire. I was hit by that bright light. I tripped and fell to the ground. I was praising the Lord with my eyes closed. I was surrounded by that bright light. I got hot from head to toe. I continued to praise the Lord. It was the first time I praised the Lord without any effort. I was praising the Lord for almost half an hour after I fell to the ground. That bright light was all around me for that long.

Brother Lawrie kept his hand on me and prayed. Once again the same power came on me. After some time, I got up and started walking. I realised that the things that had been bothering me had left my heart. As I walked, I felt like I was floating in the air, and I wondered why these kinds of wonderful experiences didn’t happen in churches.

The day the seven angels from eternity met Christ Branham

On Sunday, December 23, 1962, I received the Holy Spirit. On Saturday, December 22 of the same year, 1962, God gave an experience to Christ Branham. He has said in one of his messages that he was in an unconscious state after seeing the vision of the visitation of seven angels. He had seen several visions in his life, but the most remarkable vision was the seven angel’s visitation. He said in his message that the power of this vision had made me motionless, and I was unable to move my hands or legs.

Interview letter sent for the post of Assistant Engineer

Christ Branham saw that vision on the 22nd of December and delivered a message on “Absolute” on 23rd. On the 30th of the following week, he delivered a special message on “Is This The Sign Of The End, Sir?”. After knowing all these events, I realized the significance of why I received the Holy Spirit on that day. The pillar of fire that was on Christ Branham had descended on me on 23rd December 1962. In the vision he had on 22nd December on visitation of seven angles, he saw another seventh angel there. Christ Branham is the angel for the Seventh Church age. But the seventh angel that appeared in the vision was the seventh one out of seven angels, seventh one in numbers. On that same day, I had the experience of receiving the pillar of the fire that was on Christ Branham.

We read in the Bible that when God put Elijah’s mantle on Elisha, Elisha realized God’s intention and broke the yoke he used to plough, cooked the oxen, and served to the people, and then followed Elijah. In the same way, when the pillar of the fire on Christ Branham descended on me, God was involving with me.  God spoke to me and called me for the ministry. At that time, I really wanted to work in Bangalore and have my parents live with me so I could take care of them until the end.

When the Lord called me for the ministry, I was in a state of confusion whether to accept the Lord’s ministry or to pursue a career in engineering. When I realized that the Lord was calling me for the ministry, I prayed to the Lord this way, “Lord, my parents have a lot of hope in me. I have even told them that they should be with me. Now, you are calling me for your ministry. Please tell me what I have to do.”

The Lord then answered, “You are worried about your parents; I died on the cross for you.” At the time, the Lord reminded me of another experience. As I was living among the labors as a college student, I was a big fan of communism. I had learnt that communism does not care if someone is educated or not. A general election was scheduled for that period. Mr. Krishnan, a communist, ran for office in Bangalore. He was his parents’ only child. He had finished his M.Sc. in Engineering and had gotten an excellent job. He quit his work and gave up everything. When he was so, the Lord gave me the impression that you were hesitant to give yourself for the kingdom of heaven.

At the time, I was preparing for an interview for the position of Assistant Engineer at the Indian Telephone Industries (ITI, Govt. of India). I was in a state of confusion for approximately two to three days, unable to make a clear decision whether to attend the interview and accept the job or to accept the Lord’s calling and go for His ministry. From my perspective, this was a huge struggle. I decided that if the Lord’s calling was certain, I should do the Lord’s ministry; otherwise, I would not have true peace. I picked up all of my certificates, tore them, and burnt them. My heart felt a deep sense of peace. I didn’t consult anyone about it.

The Beginning of the Ministry

Even though I had committed to doing the Lord’s work, I didn’t know how to do it or where to go. I was 28 years old at the time. I didn’t know where books were in the Bible, whether they were in the Old or New Testament.

            “You called me for your ministry, and I have even committed myself to your ministry,” I prayed to the Lord. However, I am unfamiliar with your Bible. I’ve been a slacker. I don’t know how to preach your Bible to the people effectively.”

            One day, I heard a tender voice, “Read 1 Corinthians 2:1-5”.

1 Corinthians 2:1-5

And I, brethren, when I came to you, came not with excellency of speech or of wisdom, declaring unto you the testimony of God.

For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.

And I was with you in weakness, and in fear, and in much trembling.

And my speech and my preaching was not with enticing words of man’s wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power:

That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God. Amen

One night, I went to bed after writing my resignation letter to the Hindustan Aircraft Institute, where I was working. But it was bright in my room. I opened my eyes because I wasn’t sure if I had turned off the light. But it was dark in the room. I closed my eyes once more; my room was still as bright as before. I felt hot from top to bottom. It was a new experience for me.  

I explained in my resignation letter that I was leaving my job to do the Lord’s work and teach His message to the people. When my boss read the message, he made fun of me. One of my close friends told me, “You have messed up your life.” However, I did not bother.

On December 23rd, 1962, I was baptised and given the Holy Spirit. The next day, on the 24th, I traveled to my parents’ house, which is located in the city of K.G.F., in order to enjoy the Christmas holiday. In addition to myself, my older sister, Doctor Susila, was present there. On the morning of December 25th, Christmas, we went to church. My parents had planned to take my sister shopping with them in the evening at the market. My sister invited me to accompany them. We decided to get some coffee at a restaurant, so we went there.

Up until that point, I had not disclosed that I had received the Holy Spirit and that I had quit my work to serve the Lord. During the time that we were drinking coffee together, something had my whole attention. I decided to tell my parents and sister about all that’s been going on. But since I was terrified, I couldn’t bring myself to tell them. I was afraid that if I told them about it, they would not be able to accept it and that it would be too much for them to take. My vision started to blur as I deliberated about whether to tell such things to them. I was completely at a loss for what to do. I was overcome with a sense of dread. During that moment, I reached into the pocket of my coat to search for a piece of paper that I might use to write my statement. There was a postcard inside that Brother Lawrie had sent to me personally, inviting me to attend that meeting.  I wrote on it, “I was made an evangelist”.

The card written on it that I have been made an evangelist

Then, I got the courage inside myself and told them everything happened that Brother Lawrie had organized a Christian Meeting in Bangalore I went to those gatherings and I received the Holy Spirit and I committed myself for the ministry and I tore and burned all my certificates. My parents and sister started crying at the restaurant itself. We got back home without going to the shopping. They were crying even after getting back home. Nobody had taken the Christmas food. Each of them began giving me advice.

My father told me that, “You can do the ministry without resigning from your job, and you can also keep your earnings with you for the ministry; there’s no need to give it to the family.”

My father cried a lot as he held my hands. His tears fell on my hand and then fell to the ground. Nothing had changed in my life because I knew in my heart that the Lord was calling me. Because of my choice, I too began to cry.

Before the Lord called me for His ministry, I had planned to work for a while in Bangalore, then move to West Germany for work and stay there for good. At that time, mechanical engineering in West Germany had a lot of potential. In that situation, the Lord called me for His ministry. Then, I went to Bangalore to get the acknowledgment letter for my resignation.

Then, I went to Bangalore from KGF to get the acknowledgment letter for my resignation. Before relieving from the job, I had to complete my holidays. I went on leave to Chennai to meet Brother Lawrie and be baptized there. He was to move to Tirunelveli and establish Manujothi Ashram. He took me to Tirunelveli along with him. On 12th February 1963, He baptized me “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ” in a pool there.

Then, I went from KGF to Bangalore to get the letter acknowledging my resignation. Before I could be relieved from my job, I had to finish my vacation. I took a vacation to Chennai, where I met Brother Lawrie and was baptised. He was supposed to go to Tirunelveli and start the Manujothi Ashram there. He took me with him to Tirunelveli. He baptised me “in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ” in a pool there on February 12, 1963.

This Ashram was situated twenty kilometers away from Tirunelveli and twelve kilometers away from a region that was known as Mukkudal. There were Palm trees and it looked like a desert. In several towns, there were people who didn’t know about the Gospel. There, we did service for a few days. Brother Lawrie and I went back to Chennai after that. I left Chennai and traveled to Bangalore and got relieved from my Job, and I kept all my belongings at my parent’s house in the city of K.G.F. After that, I had planned to go to Tirunelveli within a week’s time.

After I was saved, if I prayed to the Lord, all of the wrongdoings that I committed when I was in childhood would fall before my eyes like a curtain. I would like to ask for forgiveness for anything that I have done wrong.

First, when I was young, there was a store near where I lived. There used to be a prize. Each prize had its own number, and the amount of the prize was written on small pieces of paper that were folded nearby. We should pay the money and pick any of the folded papers. If the number on the paper and the number on the prize were the same, they would give us that amount as the prize. I needed a notebook at that time. I wrote it down in the notebook. I wrote the same number on a small piece of paper like that, then went to the shop, paid the amount, and chose a folded paper. I showed the people in the shop the number I had already written down, and they gave me that notebook as a reward.

After I was saved, I went back to that shop, told the people there what I had done wrong, and paid them for it.

When I was in Intermediate school, I would take the train every day from the city of K.G.F to the city of Kolar. Even though my season ticket was no longer valid, I once took the train without a ticket. After I was saved, the Holy Spirit showed me what I had done was wrong. I wrote a letter to the Railway’s General Manager. In that letter, I wrote, “I’m a Christian. I went without a ticket when I was pursuing my Intermediate Studies. Now that I’ve been saved, I work for the Lord. I apologise for what I did wrong. I also sent the money for the train ticket in the form of a Money Order.” Then, the General Manager of the Railway sent me a letter of thanks and admiration.

Before I was saved, I had been using cosmetics such as perfume, facial powder, and cream. After I was saved, I threw them in the trash. At that time, I gave my things to other people, like my ties, clothes, and hats.

When I worked at Hindustan Aircraft (HAL, Bangalore), a friend with whom I had studied engineering was also working there. When he saw me, my friend once turned his head the other way. A few days later, that friend came to talk to me. But I turned my back on him and walked away. After I was saved, I figured out what I had done wrong and wrote a letter to my friend. I wrote in that letter that I had been saved and now doing the Lord’s ministry. I also asked for forgiveness for the mistake I made while I was working there.  I felt real peace in my heart after apologizing to God and men for the wrongs I had done.

When I was studying for my B.Sc. between 1954-57, I used to go to the C.S.I Church. Every year, the diocese gave me 100 rupees to buy books. They told me I should repay the money when I got a job, but most people didn’t return it.

In the month of January 1963, when I was praying, this incident would come in front of my eyes, and I would not be able to continue the prayer. That matter was a hindrance between God and me. The Lord reminded me that I should pay back that amount.

I didn’t have any money then. My older brother had given me a new watch, so I asked a friend to sell it for me. But that wasn’t enough. I also sold my new bicycle to raise money. With that money, I traveled to Bangalore to see the Bishop, an American named Sargent, who had a pastor secretary.

I told the secretary, “I’d like to see the Bishop.”

The secretary asked, “Why do you want to see him?”

I replied, “While I was in college from 1954 to 1957, the diocese gave me money for books. Later, I worked at Hindustan Aircraft. But when God called me to serve Him, I left my job. Now, I’ve come to return the book money I didn’t repay before.”

The secretary was pleased and told the Bishop about me. The Bishop met me, shook my hand, and said, “You’re the first person in the diocese’s history to return the book money.”

I told the Bishop, “I’m ready to serve God now.”

The Bishop quickly replied, “We need individuals like you. I can arrange for you to study at Bible Theology College.”

I told him “No”. I have decided to do the ministry because the Lord has called me to do it. After that, I finally got the peace inside of me.

First Experience in the Ministry

When I dedicated my life to God, I vowed, “I will not ask anyone for money to support my ministry.” I was preparing to travel to Tirunelveli. From my salary, I had only eighteen rupees left. I needed twenty more rupees for my bus fare.

I prayed to God, saying, “I won’t ask my parents or friends for help. You must help me.” Every now and then, doubts would creep into my mind: “How can you get the money if you don’t ask someone?” I often recited the Bible’s promise: “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.” One evening, I went to a small hill in Golconda, within K.G.F city. I prayed and thanked the Lord, saying, “Thank you for giving me twenty rupees.” After that, I returned home. The next day, I revisited the same place and prayed, “Lord, thank you for giving me twenty rupees.” I then came down the hill and walked towards Robersonpet. While on my way, Mr. Paulraj, who worked as a clerk, approached me on his bicycle.

He asked, “Brother, when are you heading to Tirunelveli?”

“I plan to go in two days,” I replied. Immediately, he took out two ten-rupee notes from his pocket and said, “Take this for your journey.” That incident was a great surprise for me. It was my first such experience in my ministry, marking the beginning of my life of faith. I give glory to the Lord and thank Him for His unfailing promises.

Days of Ministries in the Wilderness

When it was time for me to leave my home for the ministry, many people, including my parents, cried a lot. Even though I was in tears, I knew that I could not give up leaving for the ministry.

Tirunelveli – Wilderness

Tirunelveli, where I was doing ministry, was a secluded place. It was a wilderness, with many palm trees around. There was a small room in the wilderness. The windows in the room didn’t have any bars, and there was no door. The floor was covered with sand, and we slept on a mat made from palm leaves. Many spirits seemed to haunt the wilderness, and it was a lonely place with no people around. Sometimes, a spirit would scream from the roof and make a lot of noise moving around. There was no electricity, so it was very dark. I did ministry there, in those conditions, for a year. For more than fifteen days, I went without food and only had the tender stem of the palm tree while I ministered.

When I ministered in the Ashram in Tirunelveli, the post office was functioning in the nearby village. They would tear off all the letters that were sent to us. Brother Lawrie would monthly send us some money through Money Order. They would even send back that Money Order. Only if we receive that money, we would be able to afford the things needed for our food. But there would be nothing as the post office would send the money back. That place was a wilderness full of palm trees. For more than fifteen days, I would just boil and eat the tender stem of the palm tree and do the ministry. 

When I ministered at the Ashram in Tirunelveli, the local post office in a nearby village didn’t cooperate with us. They ripped up all our letters and even sent back the money orders that Brother Lawrie sent us every month. We needed that money to buy our food. But because the post office sent it back, we had nothing. The area was a wild place, full of palm trees. For more than fifteen days, all I could do was boil and eat the soft inside part of the palm tree while continuing with my ministry there.

One time, I had to get off at Mukkudal and walk many kilometers to reach the Ashram from Tirunelveli. There were no villages along the way. My journey took longer because I was walking through a grove of palm trees and got delayed. I couldn’t find water anywhere. After a while, I saw a rock in the distance. When I climbed it, I found some stagnant water from rain that had fallen several days before. The water was green with moss and full of mosquitoes. I scooped away the mosquitoes, cupped the water with my hands to drink it, thanked the Lord, and kept walking to the Ashram.

When I first started my ministry, I would ride my bicycle to share the gospel in villages and on the streets. People would be sitting outside on the streets and on porches. I really wanted to preach to them there, but I was shy and not very used to talking to people, so I would keep riding for a bit without stopping. However, my heart really wanted to share the gospel in that spot. So, I would pray and gather courage for a few minutes, then I would go back, stop my bicycle, pick up my Bible, and start preaching. This is how God trained me in His ministry.

I used to ride my bicycle to do ministry work in many remote villages in Chittoor. I would spend days and nights visiting these villages, sharing the Gospel. In one village, Parapalli, I baptized people who found salvation, and with them, I established a Church. I would visit there once a week and hold an evening meeting. I used to do the ministry mostly in the villages. Sometimes, I would ride my bicycle without eating for several days, which made me very weak. But even then, I still used to go to Parapalli to deliver the message.

Once a week, I would wait in the presence of the Lord and fast and spend time in prayer with the Lord. I often didn’t have food even when I wasn’t fasting. After fasting, sometimes there still wouldn’t be anything to eat. Occasionally, I would buy flat rice, wet it with water, and eat it to break my fast. I was in a very poor situation.

In the early days of my ministry, I spent many years working in the wilderness near Tirunelveli, though I didn’t understand its significance at the time. Later, after reading messages from Christ Branham, I learned that John the Baptist, who was the forerunner to Jesus Christ, came from the wilderness. Christ Branham stated in his messages that the forerunner of the second of the Christ, and the message itself, should also come from the wilderness. Now, I realize that the Lord guided me to live and work in the Ashram in the wilderness of Tirunelveli for years to fulfill this word, and I praise the Lord for it. God’s word will always be fulfilled.

Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD:

And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

Malachi 4: 5, 6.

Many do not know that there are two ministries hidden in this verse. Firstly, John the Baptist came from the wilderness with the spirit and strength of Elijah, turned the hearts of the fathers to the children, and led the people to Jesus Christ. The ministry of turning the hearts of the children to the fathers was not fulfilled by John the Baptist. That ministry had to take place in the last few days. Hence, it started in the wilderness when my ministry began. All of this is the fulfillment of the word of Christ Branham.

In 1987, we published the news about Christ Branham, “Behold, Christ Branham, the Bridegroom, is coming very soon”. We posted wall posters in several places mentioning, “Christ Branham is the Lord” and “He is the coming bridegroom”.

News about Christ Branham published in the newspaper

As John the Baptist pointed out Jesus to the people, saying, “Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sin of the world,” I too pointed out Christ Branham and introduced him to the people, proclaiming, “Behold, he is the coming bridegroom.” By doing this, the second part mentioned in Malachi —“he will turn the heart of the children to the Father”— is now fulfilled through me.

When I was in Tirunelveli, a brother left a mandolin, a musical instrument, on the table in my room and went to his place. One day, while I was praying alone in that room, I said, “Lord, I praise you for your angels surrounding me.” At that moment, I suddenly heard melodious music being played automatically from the mandolin on the table. Realizing that the angels were there, I praised the Lord.

Brother Lawrie organized a convention in Bangalore, and I attended that meeting. Sister Gobel from Germany was also there. She was very pleased to learn that I was engaged in ministry. Later, I traveled from Bangalore to Tirunelveli. Since Sister Gobel did not have my address, she wrote me a letter and gave it to Brother Lawrie to pass on to me. In that letter, she shared her prophecy, writing, “The Lord says that a time will come when all of nature will obey you.” I praise the Lord, realizing that the prophecy is now being fulfilled.

Brother Lawrie organized a convention in Chittoor in 1964 and brought me along with him. We traveled through my native place. Brother Lawrie suggested, “You should go home and stay there for a day.” At that time, I was conducting ministry amidst hardship and without footwear, which left me extremely lean, even reducing my pant size by up to 7 inches. Our house was located on the main road. My mother was sitting outside the house, and she didn’t recognize me as I approached. It was only after I came close and asked, “Mam, how are you?” that she recognized me. She wept, hugging me because I had become so lean that I was unrecognizable.

Brother Lawrie had churches in Chittoor and Vellore, and I was responsible for taking care of those churches. I was conducting ministry amidst several constraints. At that time, the bus fare from Chittoor to Vellore was eighty paise, and I traveled even when I didn’t have the eighty paise, conducting the meeting with significant struggle. I was also looking after a church at Reedspet in Chittoor, where the believers were needy. Those believers witnessed, “Those who do ministry here typically leave this place within one or two weeks, unable to tolerate the hardship. However, you have been conducting the ministry for many years amidst the hardship.”

Married Life

I was 28 years old when I stepped into the Lord’s ministry. Having committed myself to the Lord’s ministry, I was granted a few spiritual gifts. The sick would be healed when I prayed for them. If anyone wanted to receive the Holy Spirit, they would receive it when I placed my hands on them and prayed. Looking at the Bible, although Philip preached about Jesus Christ and baptized people during his ministry in Samaria, they did not receive the Holy Spirit. Then, Apostles Peter and John went to Samaria and found that the people had been baptized but had not received the Holy Spirit, and so, when they laid their hands on them, the people immediately received the Holy Spirit. I have been called by the Lord for that same apostolic calling.

At that time, I was pondering whether to get married or not. Brother Lawrie said, “You should get married. Your wife will be a protective fence for you.” In this situation, to understand God’s will regarding my marriage, I fasted and prayed for three days in the mountain forest at Chittoor.

During the day, I would read the Bible and pray under a tree on the mountain. In the evening, I would refresh myself by washing my face, hands, and legs in the lake that was located at the base of the mountain, then climb back up and lie down on a large rock. Venomous insects and snakes would move around me. After fasting and praying both day and night for three days, I returned home.

By the time I reached home, Sister Lawrie had sent me a book titled ‘A Man Sent from God,’ written by the Prophet Branham. When I read about Prophet Branham’s life experiences in that book, God gave me an answer through it.

I was overseeing the churches in Vellore and Chittoor. When I decided to get married, many people agreed to have their daughters marry me. A double graduate, bank staff, and civil contractor even said they were willing to offer a scooter to marry their daughter. But I had decided to marry a girl who feared the Lord and lived for Him. I had been praying to the Lord, ‘I need a suitable girl for my ministry. Grant me a girl who would do ministry with me even in situations of hunger, starvation, trouble, and hardship.’

When I was overseeing the Vellore Church, Brother T.M. George’s family attended there. I asked Brother Lawrie to arrange for me to marry their daughter, Jayaseeli. Brother Lawrie and Brother Simon David went to their house and conveyed my wish to them. At that time, Jayaseeli had already committed to the Lord’s ministry.

Marriage Invitation

We decided to have our engagement on 2nd October 1965. Since I had left my parents and siblings for the Lord’s ministry, none of them helped me. At that time, nobody provided me with offerings or tithes. In this situation, I was struggling to afford the engagement without money. Just then, Hindustan Aircraft, where I had been working two years before coming to the ministry, sent me the service money and P.F. money. I praised the Lord and bought a sari and a wristwatch for my wife for the engagement, sending them through a brother who was residing in Vellore.

On the day of the engagement, I was struggling, not even having the eighty paisa needed for the bus ticket to travel from Chittoor to Vellore. I spent the whole day expecting money. I awaited a money order from the postman, but it didn’t arrive. I hoped a believer would come and offer money, but nobody did. The engagement was scheduled for seven o’clock in the evening, yet by four o’clock I still hadn’t gotten the money for the bus ticket. I prayed tearfully. Yet, no one did. Fainting and crying, I despaired. Finally, I went to a believer and said, “Loan me five rupees and I will repay you later.” With the money he provided, I traveled to Vellore.

During wedding

Beloved in Christ, I’m sharing this with you because it was a tough time for me. When I decided to dedicate my life to ministry and left home, my parents were upset and said, ‘We won’t come to your engagement.’ My maternal uncle had to convince them by saying, ‘Your son is serving the Lord, just like you always prayed he would. So, you should go to his engagement.’ Only then did my parents decide to attend. After that, we planned the wedding day.

Presided by Brother Lawrie, our wedding took place in Chittoor on December 6th, 1965. Brother Lawrie generously gave me 200 rupees for the marriage. I used that money to buy a sari for my wife and clothes for myself. My friend Sam, a tailor from K.G.F, came and stitched a coat for me. After our wedding, my wife faced numerous challenges but stood steadfastly with me in our ministry work.

Sometimes, when we were in tough situations, I’d say to my wife, ‘Perhaps I should go and find work somewhere else.’ However, my wife would reassure and comfort me, stating, ‘Once we have committed to the ministry, the Lord will guide us.’ Christ Branham mentioned in his message that a wife is the second-best gift God gives to a man, after salvation. I feel that God gifted me with my wife, and my experiences resonate entirely with His words. Praise the Lord.

On 31st December 1965, my wife and I were praying in the evening. At that time, the Lord spoke with us with the prophecy. He said, “you are given a ministry next to the prophet Branham’s ministry”. We were not able to understand that prophecy at that time. I praise the Lord now learning that prophecy is being fulfilled in my ministry.

In January 1966, Brother Lawrie arranged a Camp Meeting in Tirunelveli. My wife and I attended this event. Evald Frank from Germany was also present. During the meeting, we learned the sad news that Brother Branham had been in an accident on December 18th and had passed away on December 24th. We were deeply affected by the news of Prophet Branham’s death, even though we had never met him personally. We had heard about his significant contributions to the ministry, and we mourned the loss of such a great minister.

After we got married, my wife and I would go to villages and share the Gospel. Sometimes, people in the villages wouldn’t even give us water, even when we were very thirsty.

One time, we were going to a village named Peyanapalli to do ministry. My wife was pregnant, and we didn’t have anything to eat and were very hungry. In the hot summer, she fainted on the road. I quickly went to get some water from a well nearby. I splashed the water on her face and gave her some to drink when she woke up and then we continued and went to preach. We used to preach the Gospel on the streets. I would preach in English, and my wife would translate it into Tamil. Many people laughed and didn’t take us seriously. After we finish preaching, we go home at night and go to bed without eating because there is no food to eat.

When our first son was born, we were praying one day and the Lord said, “Name your son Branham Moses.” We did not know that time that Bro. Branham had been given the ministry of Moses. However, as the Lord instructed, we named our son Branham Moses.

Next, we were blessed with a daughter. The Lord told us, “Name your daughter Angel Victoria.” So, we followed the Lord’s guidance and named our daughter Angel Victoria.

In the beginning of our ministry – Chittoor

At the time, I was unaware that it was related to the ministry of Moses and the ministry of the Angel. Later on, the Lord provided me the grace to understand its significance.

Then, our third son, Elson Jeeva, was born, followed by George Sathiyarajan. The Lord blessed me with four children. Praise the Lord.

At the beginning of the ministry, I learned from Brother Lawrie how to depend on the Lord and how to lead a faithful life. Believers are supporting this ministry with their offerings and tithes. May the Lord bless them.

Forty Days Fasting

In June 1969, while we were ministering in Chittoor, a man named Chelliah was severely demon-possessed. At the time, I was fasting and praying to cast the devil out of him. Chelliah was also staying with us in the same house. He occupied one room, while my wife, son Branham Moses, daughter Angel, and I stayed in another. The evil spirit dwelling within Chelliah was terrifying. He would stand on his toes and spin like a top. Making a ‘hoo hoo hoo’ noise by blowing through his hands held near his mouth, smoke and fire would come out from his mouth. Although Chelliah stayed in his room, the malevolent spirit within him was not confined to it. It would wander out at night and create chaos. For example, it would lift the sleeping cot of a person living in the house across from ours and place it on a well. This sinister activity disturbed many people, depriving them of sleep and causing widespread fear. However, those spirits didn’t do anything to our family. Praise God.

In the time of 40 days of Fasting

I kept on with my fasting and prayer without any interruption. It wasn’t until the 31st day that many evil spirits left him. Brother Simon David from Chittoor saw I was very weak and told me to stop the fasting. But I said, “I will stop after 40 days.

During the final week of my 40 days of fasting and praying, my body was incredibly weak and exhausted. I was so tired that I could only pray silently in my heart, eyes shut, unable to speak. When the people living near my house saw my condition they began to cry, holding my wife tightly. Even my wife, seeing me in such a fragile state, believed I might die. Despite her fear and grief, she made a quiet decision that if I were to die, she would not return to her parents’ house. Instead, she would continue the ministry alone while raising our two children.

I finished my fasting on the 40th day. On the 41st day, my wife gave me a spoonful of glucose. I kept vomiting continuously. Then, the Lord restored my health. Early on the 41st morning, Prophet Branham, wearing a black suit, appeared in my dream and embraced me. At that time, I hadn’t received the revelation that he was Christ; I knew him only as a prophet.

On the 41st day, Brother Shunmugam, Brother Arthur Davis, Brother Aruldoss and his wife, as well as Brother James (the Post Master), his wife, and children came through the street singing and playing instruments such as an accordion, tambourine, and band and concluded my fasting with prayer

Brother Arthur Davis asked me, “Did you see Jesus Christ? Or did you have any new experiences?”

I replied, “I didn’t see Jesus Christ. However, Prophet Branham appeared in my dream, wearing a black suit, and embraced me.” Thus, God blessed the 40 days of fasting and prayer.

Brother Lawrie had claimed that the rapture would occur only at Tirunelveli. While I was at the Ashram in Tirunelveli, my father suffered a stroke and passed away in his bed. I chose to stay at the Ashram, even foregoing my father’s funeral service, because I was deeply longing to be included in the rapture. My refusal to attend my father’s funeral stopped solely from my fear of missing the rapture.

Later, when we read a message from Prophet Branham stating that the rapture would happen worldwide, our perspectives shifted, and we left Tirunelveli.

After leaving the Ashram, many people belittled and criticized me. However, I didn’t let it bother me. I considered finding another type of work to support my family, stepping away from the ministry. It was at this moment that the Lord intervened.

When Jesus Christ was born, wise men set out to find Him, following a star. They moved in the direction the star indicated. However, upon reaching Jerusalem, they began to rely on their own knowledge. Assuming that the king of Judea would be born in a palace, they went there, though the star did not lead them to that location. When they didn’t find Christ there, they had to return to following the star’s light. Once they did, the star guided them to Bethlehem, where Christ was. Similarly, we went to the Ashram, anticipating that the rapture would occur there.

After reading a message from Prophet Branham, which claimed that the rapture would take place all around the world, we left the Ashram. I began reading Prophet Branham’s messages continuously. The wise men were guided back to Bethlehem—“Bethlehem” means “the house of bread.” They found Christ, the living bread.

Similarly, we went to see Christ. We didn’t see Christ and thus, we returned. We came back to the light of the star. God led us to see Christ, the living bread, again through the message of Prophet Branham, the light of the star.

Then, we stayed in Vellore for a while. We didn’t associate ourselves with any denomination. Consequently, I thought of worshiping God separately, and initially, my wife, children, and I prayed together. Since I went for the Lord’s ministry, I didn’t want to return home.

At that time, Brother S.C. Jacob and Brother Joel Paramanantham from Chennai were planning to launch a chemical factory, “Daldon Chemical Private Limited,” at Ranipet SIPCOT. Brother Joel Paramanantham was to invest the money, Brother S.C. Jacob was to oversee the technical and chemical processing, and I was to be the Managing Partner. A loan was sanctioned from the bank. I also moved from Vellore to Ranipet. However, the launching of the chemical factory was halted for various reasons. As it was not God’s will, He interrupted that plan.

Brother S.C. Jacob assisted us in renting a small room for 60 rupees and purchasing mats to conduct a Church gathering near the Government Hospital in Vellore. Our family was residing in Ranipet. Every Sunday, I would travel to Vellore and conduct the Church service. Even though we were struggling without food at home, I would instruct my family to eat something and come to the prayer house in Vellore. No one will attend the prayer except our family and we will pray alone, close the room, and return to Ranipet.

Sometimes, I wouldn’t have any money to travel from Vellore Ranipet to Vellore and would go by cycle. I would arrive there without having any food even tea on the way and wait for the meeting. When nobody showed up, I would pray alone, lock the prayer room, and leave. It was very hard to run the ministry this way. Since nobody was attending the Church, I vacated the prayer house, handed the key over to the owner, and was prepared to go to Ranipet. It was raining heavily that night. Unable to find a bus, I traveled to Ranipet by lorry.

I was suffering from a severe fever from that night, and then, my son Branham Moses also got a fever. Even though we had taken medicine from the doctor, the fever was not cured. After nine days, it was identified as typhoid fever. I confessed my sin to the Lord and surrendered myself, saying, “It was wrong that I vacated the prayer house,  and I will do your ministry again.” My wife took care of us, struggling a lot. Then, the Lord bestowed good health upon us.

I tried to seek employment. There were opportunities to get a good job, but the Lord interrupted all of them. My friend, who was serving as a police commissioner in Chennai, once met me at Ribbon Building and spoke with me.

I told him, “I have been trying for a job. You should help me.”

He said, “I will certainly get a job for you in any factory.” Then, he was suddenly promoted to D.I.G and transferred to Tirunelveli. Thus, the job opportunity through him was interrupted.

A friend with whom I studied engineering was a General Manager at a West German company.

I met him and said, “Help me to get a job at your company.”

He too said, “Apply for the job. I will surely help you get it.”

I applied for the job and was called for an interview. A German Consultant had come at that time. He asked me, “What were you doing all these years?”

I replied, “I was doing the Lord’s work.”

He sent me back, saying, “You might have forgotten your engineering studies, and so, you do not have a job here.”

In 1977, I secured a position as a Landry Manager at C.M.C Hospital. I moved my family from Ranipet to Vellore Old Town. While I was working at C.M.C Hospital, my children would often fall sick, and my wife would regularly take them to the hospital. In those days, in the evening, my wife and I would regularly pray at our house.

The Lord then spoke to me as a prophecy, “My son, I haven’t chosen you to work at C.M.C Hospital. There is a great ministry for you. Resign from your job at C.M.C Hospital and do my ministry.” In those days, when I would pray, I would prophesy, filled with the Holy Spirit. I spoke in tongues and translated into Tamil. My wife had recorded them on a tape recorder. Everything that I had prophesied then is now fulfilled. The Lord said, “You will have a great contribution to the works of Manifested sons of God.” I resigned from my job at C.M.C Hospital in the year of 1978 and resumed the Lord’s work again.

Our family was crushed and squeezed. We know what ministry is. We didn’t have any money, so we gave our kids water instead of milk. They would continuously cry without food and eventually fall asleep unknowingly. When Elson was a child, he would show his stomach and cry from hunger. My wife and I would weep at the sight. We wouldn’t send our children to school since there was no food, making them sleep after giving them just water. There were no mats to sleep on the floor and no plates for eating. We sold all the vessels to buy food until not a single plate was left. With no pots to store water, we sold everything. Ultimately, we stored water in a drum made of cement and drank from it. Visitors to our house would abstain from drinking the water from the cement drum.

There were no clothes for our children. My wife did not possess an inner skirt. She would wear my lungi as there was no inner skirt, and because her jacket was torn, she would cover it with her sari when visiting me while I was working as a Laundry Manager at C.M.C Hospital. When the mystery of God and the mystery of the thunder, was revealed, my family faced a critical situation. Initially, when the mystery of thunders was revealed, my wife would be having severe pain in the heart. Before that she didn’t have any heart diseases. She reached a point where she was unable to lift even a small amount of water in a vessel. She would say, “My heart seems to be exploding, and I feel I might die. Take me to a hospital.”

At that time, we had no one at our home to help. I would pray nervously, clinging to the wall. When I prayed, God granted deliverance. Step by step, as the mystery of thunders was revealed, my wife would experience severe pain in the heart. When we would pray to the Lord, she would be healed. We were staying in a house with clay tiles on the roof. During the summer, all four of my children got chickenpox at the same time. There was no fan in the house and no money to buy tender coconut or fruits. Our suffering was immense.

Then, when the mystery of God was revealed in another phase, my daughter got typhoid fever. We encountered numerous challenges and suffered a lot. The mystery of thunders wasn’t given to us easily; we sacrificed much of our lives for its sake. If I had worked as an Engineer, my children might have led luxurious lives. But God had also made my children to sacrifice. Throughout life, we have survived through tears. I share all this because the Lord has made us sacrifice our lives for the mystery of thunders to be revealed.

As my wife and children were starving, lacking clothes to wear, and without money to pay the house rent, I sought employment on several occasions. However, the Lord interrupted all my attempts. Despite my inability to provide proper food for my wife and children, they never blamed me, enduring everything silently.

I received invitations to do the Lord’s ministry in the United States of America, Singapore, and Sri Lanka. But as the Lord had instructed, “Do not go abroad,” I did not go.

I prefer my children to join me in the ministry rather than work and earn for me.

And even though we were having money problems, we kept printing tracts about the Lord and giving them to people. At one point in time, we were completely out of money and unable to retrieve the printed tracts from the press. A brother gifted me a cassette recorder (German-made) at that time. I sold the cassette recorder to help pay for the tracts.

Prophecies given during Thunder Mysteries Were Revealed

On 31-01-1981, Friday night at 9:30 pm, the Lord spoke to us in prophecy.

“My people! I have chosen you for a very special ministry. You are my people. I have called and placed you in this place to lead my people. My son! I will proclaim my will to you, and you will convey it to the people. I chose and set you apart for me from your mother’s womb. Spend extended times in my presence; I delight in it. You are mine.”

In this situation, on 05-02-1981, at about 10:30 pm, the Lord said to me, “My son, I am aware of the trouble you are enduring. It is the path my people must take to come unto me. I even know the matters of your children. I will lead them. I will clear all your debts. I have granted you this great honorable ministry that many people have not given. I have chosen you for this. What I say, I will fulfill.

I will reveal heavenly things to you. There will come a time when everyone will despise you, just as the apostles were hated. I have called you to a special ministry. Son! I have given you a special ministry that others cannot understand.

The mystery of the seven thunders has not yet been revealed. I have kept a special portion in the ministry of the bridegroom.

A time is coming when all creatures are to be happy and joyful. You will play a special role in the ministry of manifested sons of God yet to be revealed. The entire world is waiting for your ministry.

Seek me more and also wait on me. Always meditate on my words. Be steadfast in the message of the prophet. I am the one to meet your needs, fulfill your requests, and safeguard my covenant.

The tribulation you are encountering is only for a few days. But you will be in happiness with me forever and ever. You did not come to this ministry for yourself. I have called you.”

The Lord spoke with me in prophecy and began to reveal the mysteries of the thunders.

When the Lord revealed the thunder mysteries

At that time, as the Church gathered at my house in Vellore Old Town, I led a Bible lesson from the message “Seven Seals,” preached by the prophet Branham. Reading page by page from the seals and conducting a Bible lesson on them, the Lord led me into a profound experience. Gradually, He began to unveil some things and initiated the revelation of the thunder mysteries. The Lord did not reveal the thunder mysteries all at once, but intermittently over time. Within the message “God hiding and revealing Himself in simplicity” from The Seven Seals, Prophet Branham asks the Church if they had gone through the great message “Is this the sign of the end sir?”. At that time, I didn’t have access to the message “Is this the sign of the end sir?”. I was planning to conduct a Bible lesson on that message when Brother Thivary from America provided me with a book. The message “Is this the sign of the end sir?”  was found within that book, prompting me to start taking Bible lessons from it. In that book, God revealed about the seven angels.

While meditating on how we were going to see the Lord and envisioning His coming, God directed me to the message “Seventy Weeks of Daniel” by Prophet Branham. Upon reading it, when it referred to the purpose behind the angel Gabriel meeting Daniel and addressed “Who is the most holy?”, revealing that the most holy to be anointed in the last days is not Jesus Christ, I received profound spiritual enlightenment. When I learned it was the tabernacle to be used in the Millennial reign, my spiritual life was deeply enlightened from that day forward. As I pondered “Who is that tabernacle?”, I found that Prophet Branham had mentioned it in his “Seven Seals”.

“Then the true Son of David, as we’re going to see in this lessons coming on in this week, will then come to His Temple, the Temple of God, the real Tabernacle which He has gone away to construct now. For, He said, in John 14, “In My Father’s House are many mansions, and I will go…” 63-0317M – God Hiding Himself In Simplicity, Then Revealing Himself In The Same

It is John 14:1-2

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.
In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

This “place” He refers to is the tabernacle. At that stage, God clearly revealed to me that Prophet Branham represents that Tabernacle. The Lord revealed to me that Branham is the one predestinated to reign us in the Millennium. Whatever the Lord revealed to me, I would immediately share with the saints in the Church. Upon reading the message titled “We Would See Jesus”, Prophet Branham said:

“What? “Sirs, we would see Jesus.” What kind of a Person would you look for? The same kind of Person that was. Now, you don’t go down a street here and look for a—a man with some kind of a robe on, and nail scars across his head, or whatever it is. Any hypocrite can do that. And that’s right. Anybody can impersonate that. But it would be the Life that was in Christ, will be in His Church. That’s it, the Life!” 62-0704 – We Would See Jesus

Prophet Branham would never glorify himself. However, he clarified in that message, that, “Christ Branham is the new name of Jesus Christ”. I read a message by Christ Branham that the Lord has a “new name”, which will be revealed in the thunder mysteries.

 “And, Jesus, His Name on earth was “Redeemer,” Jesus. When He was on earth, He was the Redeemer, that’s true. But when He conquered death and hell, and overcome them, and ascended on High, He received a new Name. That’s the reason you holler the way they do, and they don’t get nothing. It’ll be revealed in the Thunders.” 63-0318 – The First Seal

“This is the anointing, not of a man. Jesus is already anointed. That right? The Book of Acts said that God anointed Jesus with the Holy Ghost; He went around doing good, and healing the sick, and so forth. Jesus is, already. He is Messiah. And Messiah means “the anointed One.” Is that right? But here at the end time, He is to anoint the most Holy. What is “the most Holy”? To my way of seeing it, which I believe I can prove it by the Scripture, is to anoint “the most Holy,” which will be the Tabernacle that’ll be used during the Millennium. 61-0730E – The Sixfold Purpose Of Gabriel’s Visit To Daniel

With the help of the Holy Spirit, I was able to correlate that at the end of the Seventy Weeks of Daniel, it was prophesied that the Most Holy would be anointed and that the Most Holy is the one that will rule us in the Millennium. The Lord revealed to me that ‘Christ Branham’ is that new name in 1981, when I was residing at door No. 59/1, Old Town, Vellore.

When I read the message titled “Birth pains,” God enlightened me on certain aspects. Gradually, I began to understand my identity in the Bible. However, I was certain about one revelation: the Lord had revealed to me that I would have a role in the ministry of the manifested sons of God. Later, as I studied the message “Adoption,” Christ Branham stated that in the last days, when the seals are revealed, mysteries that are hidden before the foundations of the world will be revealed to him, and he would then share them with others. Through this, God further clarified that Christ Branham is, indeed, the Lord.

The dreams I had when the secrets of the thunder were revealed.

In one dream, I saw people sweeping a village. Amidst the debris, I found a key. As they continued to sweep, three keys were unearthed, entangled in the broom’s bristles. Attached to them was a purse that felt heavy with money. As I reached down to pick up the purse, a nearby well caught my attention. From it, a figure composed of black, red, and green shades emerged. It advanced towards me. Instinctively, I pocketed the purse and began to move backward. In the village, preparations for a feast were underway.

At that time in the dream, my son Elson appeared as a young child. Grabbing his hand, I quickly entered a nearby house and locked the door behind us. The possession of the three keys, the purse, and the money seemed to anger the devil, making him intensely angry and anxious. It was during this period that the thunder mysteries began to be revealed.

Symbolic Representation of the Key and Purse

A key often symbolizes an opener. In this specific context, the opener represents revelation. Just as we unlock doors with keys, the money inside the purse stands for treasure or wealth. This treasure metaphorically depicts the revelation about Christ. From the dream, I understood its deeper meaning.

In another dream, I saw Christ Branham. He approached me, grabbed my hand, and led me to a trolley, similar to those found in railway stations. This trolley had two iron posts supporting a board in between. Written in English on that board was the word “BRANHAM”. He positioned me below the board and then suddenly pushed the trolley. After traveling a certain distance, he stopped, helped me down, and embraced me warmly. This reminded me of Christ Branham’s words: “I will ride this trail once again.” Following this dream, new revelations began to unfold.

In December 1984, my mother fell sick and eventually passed away. The Lord blessed me with the grace to support and be by her side during her final days.

Anguish and suffering in the body

As I was suffering from diabetes, I used to get sores on my legs, which I would clean myself using medicine.

In 1995, a sore developed on the small toe of the left leg, which I tried to clean and treat with medicine. However, due to wearing shoes, it became septic. As the infection worsened, I developed a fever and nausea, prompting believers and family members to take me to C.M.C Hospital. There, doctors found that the infection was severe, leading to the surgical removal of my left small toe.

I spent several days in the hospital, where I had typed out some scriptures and quotes from Christ Branham using a computer and placed them in my room. I highlighted the scripture “Is anything too hard for the Lord? All things are possible for him who believes,” and the words of Christ Branham in Seven Seals: “…I believe that the hour is approaching when missing limbs will be restored, and the glorious power of the Creator…” I also placed a small poster on my table, which read, “Faith sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible,” with a note saying, “Praise God for my removed toe is created.” Doctors would see it and laugh, but I remained unbothered. Eventually, I was discharged and went home, where my wounds healed.

In 1998, I traveled to Bangalore by bus. While changing a new shirt, a pin from the shirt fell into my shoe and pierced it between my right toes, which I didn’t notice. My legs were always numb, so I didn’t feel the pin. The next day, I returned to Vellore and had to dedicate a child in Chennai. However, I developed a severe fever and had to return to Vellore. The following day, my legs developed a sore that grew day by day. While cleaning the sore at home, we discovered and removed a rusted pin that had pierced my leg.

The infection was severe, causing swelling in my face, leg, and stomach, and I struggled to breathe. I was rushed back to C.M.C Hospital, Vellore.

Doctors examined me and said, “Your kidney and heart are affected, and even your brain is starting to show signs of impact. It’s unlikely you’ll survive much longer; you might have about three hours left, and you will likely pass away from a severe fever.”

I was admitted to a ward and, as predicted, developed a severe fever at midnight, which led to a heart attack, wheezing, and my eyes bulging. My tongue stretched out, and I lost control of my bodily functions. At that time, a hernia swelled painfully due to liquid accumulation. I was in terrible pain, struggling to breathe, and in need of oxygen.

Unfortunately, the oxygen cylinder brought to me was empty. At this critical moment, my children were praying fervently for me. I called for my son to read Joshua 1:1-9 to me, and within moments, the suffocation was relieved.

Due to my extremely high blood sugar levels, doctors couldn’t operate immediately. They first administered medicine to lower my sugar levels, and three days later, I was taken to the Operation Theatre.

While believers from Chennai and Vellore prayed outside, I was wheeled in. I was awake during the operation, conducted under anesthesia from my hip down, and could feel what was happening. I inquired about the removal of my right leg below the knee but didn’t shed a tear. I believed that my leg would be restored.

When I came out of the surgery, I reassured the believers, “Don’t worry, my leg will surely be restored,” before being taken back to the ward. I stayed in the hospital for a month, and due to issues with the surgical wound healing, I underwent plastic surgery. I assured my surgeon that my leg would be restored, but he was skeptical.

This period was challenging, as relatives, some ministers, and many others mocked me. Their criticisms peaked when they said, “He abandoned the Lord, made a man his Christ, and now his leg is gone.”

I was praying and asking the Lord, “Why was my leg removed? Why hasn’t it been restored yet?” Then the Lord explained a few things, John the Baptist, who forerun the first coming of Jesus Christ, died by shedding his blood, I was given a prophetic ministry to forerun the second coming of Christ. Many prophets have shed their blood and died.

When the Hebrew scholar Dr. Lamsa met the prophet Branham, he said, ‘You are a prophet. Hence, you are destined to die shedding blood.’

Since I received the prophetic ministry, I have indeed needed to shed blood. However, I must go in the rapture without dying.

Christ Branham stated in “Seven Seals” that “missing limbs will be created.” I have proclaimed this same message in the church, firmly believing in the fulfillment of these words.

I then visited a Rehabilitation Center located in Bagayam, Vellore, to have an artificial leg fitted. Even there, I told the doctors and technicians, “My leg will be recreated.”

They provided me with an artificial leg and helped me practice standing and walking with it. However, as soon as I stood up, blood began to ooze from the area where the surgery had been performed, reopening the wound. I would then stay at home for two days to allow the wound to heal before returning to the center to try standing with the artificial leg once again. Each time, the blood would start oozing again, and the wound would reopen, causing me to suffer for two months.

Eventually, a senior doctor told me, “We need to perform surgery on your leg to remove an additional two inches. Then, we can fit the artificial leg, and you should be able to walk without any bleeding.”

I responded, “There is no need for another surgery,” and left with the artificial leg. Strangely, everyone who came after me seemed to recover, while I was left wondering why I continued to suffer in this condition. After returning home, I prayed to the Lord and attempted to walk using the artificial leg. To my relief, there was no further bleeding from the wound.

Afterward, upon reading the messages of Christ Branham, which stated that healing comes from God and not from medicine, I decided to stop taking my diabetes medication, believing that the Word would heal me.

The devil took advantage of that situation, causing my blood sugar levels to rise significantly. This had an impact on my mental state, to the point where I was unaware of my own thoughts and speech. Despite this, I remained steadfast, continually confessing the Word is the truth preached by Christ Branham. As the devil continued to influence my health, my blood sugar levels soared even higher, resulting in an infection and swelling in my left leg that extended from the sole up above the knee. Recognizing the severity of my condition, I sought medical attention and began taking medication.

Subsequently, I experienced severe vomiting and diarrhea, leading to a significant loss of potassium in my body. This caused continuous hiccups, making it difficult for me to speak or breathe. I was then admitted to C.M.C Hospital. The doctors assessed my condition and informed me that my potassium levels were dangerously low, putting my life at risk. I was immediately given Potassium Chloride, which alleviated the hiccups. After being discharged, I found myself unable to walk, even before reaching home, and struggled with walking properly for some time thereafter.

When I asked the Lord in prayer, “Why are these sorts of things happening to me?” He said that the vision of the Mamba snake, seen by Christ Branham, is being fulfilled.

Mamba Snake seen by Christ Branham

And then when I come into the vision again, it seemed that I was lifted up and sitting on a—a highway, a narrow highway, with some brother. I never knew who the brother was. I looked around. I said, “Now I am sure and know this is vision, the Lord God is here.” And seemed like everybody was afraid. I said, “What’s everybody so afraid of?”

And a voice came and said, “There is such danger in these days. There’s a great hideous thing that’s death when it strikes you.”

 And I heard the weeds mashing down, and I looked, and here come a huge monster snake crawling through the weeds. I thought, “Now, knowing this is vision, then I shall see what this—this animal or this beast is.” And he crawled up on the highway. And as soon as I got sight of him, I knew it was a mamba. Now, a mamba is an African snake, which is the most deadly bite of all things there is. There’s nothing as poison as a mamba. And the snake, of course, represents sin, death. See? And there is the…We have in this country, the rattlesnake, and the copperhead, and the cottonmouth moccasin, many of those snakes, that, if you’re in bad health and one would bite you, it would perhaps kill you, but if you didn’t get aid of some sort right away.

And then—then we go into Africa and India, and we find the cobra. There’s a black cobra, he’s a bad snake, he’s a death-bite, too. And there’s the yellow cobra, which is far beyond him. And the yellow cobra, the patient dies with such a horrible death, it dies from suffocation. It—it paralyzes the breathing system. And they—they can’t breathe, they just open their mouth and gap in trying to, and die like that. And that was the type of snake was just one lick from getting Billy Paul, when we got the snake, in Africa.

And then—then comes the mamba, he’s death. Just when he…He’s so fast you can’t see him. He goes over the top of the weeds and propels hisself with the back of his tail. Just, “whoosh,” and he’s gone! Hits you in the face, usually. Stands up high and strikes hard. And, when he hits you, you just got a few breaths till you’re finished. Turn real…It don’t only paralyze, get in the bloodstream, it gets nerves, everything, you just die just in a few seconds. Them native boys and track boys, you can say, “Mamba,” and they’ll butt their heads together, scream, ’cause it’s—it’s death just in a few seconds, see, when one hits you.

And here he was, on the highway. I thought, “Well, this is it.” So I looked at him. And he looked angry at me, and he licked his tongue, and here he come. But when he got right close to me…He would run up fast, and then he would get slower and slower, and just quiver and stop, and then something would hold him off. He couldn’t bite me. And he would turn around on the other side, try to approach from this side. And he would get back and get a start, and swish right towards me, get slower and slower and slower, and then to a stop, and then he would shake like that and move back. He couldn’t strike me.

Then he turned and looked at my friend, and away he went after my friend. And I seen my friend just jumping way in the air, and over him and over him and over him, trying, and the thing was striking at him. I thought, “Oh, if it ever hits him, it’ll be instant death. No wonder everybody is so scared, ’cause when this thing hits you it’s an instant death.” And—and it was just striking at him like that, and I threw my hands up, I said, “O God, have mercy on my brother!” I said, “If that serpent ever strikes him, it’ll kill him.”

And just then the serpent turned to me when I said that, and looked at me again. And a Voice came from above me, and said, “You have been given power to bind him, the worst, or any.” And I said, “Well, God, what must I do?”

He said, “There is one thing you must do: You must be more sincere.” See? “You must be more sincere.”

 I said, “Well, God, forgive me for my unsincerity, and let me have sincerity.” And when I raised up my hands to Him again, there was a great Something came over me, just lifted me up, seemed like that my whole body was charged with Something.

 And I looked at the serpent. And then he started towards me, and he couldn’t do it, yet. And I said, “Satan, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I bind you.” And the serpent, a blue smoke flew out of him, and he curled up and made that sign like a S, capital S made backwards, an and sign. [&—Ed.] And means “bind this one or anything below him,” ’cause he was the worst. Blue smoke fell out of him, and his tail choked his own self to death around his head, when he made this backwards S, that and sign (like a conjunction, you see) choked it to death. And the brother was free.

 And I went over and mashed on it. I said, “Now I’ve got to find out about this, because it’s vision.” And I hit on the—on the thing, and it turned like that, looked like a handle, on a glass handle on a pitcher, and just made it solid crystal. And I said, “Think of that, how quick! That blue smoke was life, and everything, it left it, all the elements, and is turned to glass.”

And just then, a Voice came again and said, “You can unbind him, also.”

So I said, “Then, Satan, that I might know, I unbind you.” And when it did, he started coming to life again, wiggling. And I said, “I bind you back, in the Name of Jesus Christ.” And when it did, the smoke flew out of him again, and he choked hisself right back again and turned to crystal.

 And then when he did that, that Voice said, “Now you must be more sincere than what you are, to do this.” Then it left me, and I was standing in the room. – 61-1210 – Paradox

I was planning to write a message about Christ Branham’s resurrection and to publicly proclaim to the world that a man resurrected and ascended to heaven on the third day after his burial, like our Lord Jesus Christ.

We have been proclaiming about Christ Branham so far. However, I was preparing to write a message declaring that Christ Branham was not dead; instead, he was resurrected on the third day after his burial and is alive now. Consequently, the devil began attacking me violently. The vision of the Mamba snake seen by Christ Branham is also being fulfilled through me.

When such situations arise, the message tends to be rejected, and the messenger appears to be defeated. These kinds of situations are bound to occur, so the Lord has allowed these things to happen to me.

Even when my leg was amputated, I didn’t shed a single tear. However, in this current situation, I have started crying frequently upon realizing that the vision of the Mamba snake seen by Christ Branham is being fulfilled through me. It is unbearable, but the Lord is comforting and strengthening me with His living word and presence.

Since the time we got married, my wife has been actively participating in ministry alongside me. Despite facing starvation, hunger, sickness, weakness, near-death experiences, financial crises, and even a lack of clothing, she never said to leave the ministry and to go work. Instead, she would comfort and strengthen me, saying, “The Lord will provide for our needs.” She has consistently been a pillar of support in this ministry given to us by the Lord.

Whenever believers visited our home to listen to the message, she would welcome them warmly and attend to their needs, regardless of the time of day or night.

First and foremost, I attribute the success of this ministry to the grace of the Lord and His blessing hand. Secondarily, it is due to the sacrifice and cooperation of my wife.

Christ Branham has stated in his messages, “A wife is the greatest gift that God can give a man, next to his salvation.” According to that word, the Lord has blessed me with an incredible wife, and I praise the Lord for that.

Events and Testimonies from Our Ministry Life

– Sister Jeyaseeli Thomas

What man is he that feareth the LORD? him shall he teach in the way that he shall choose. – Psalms 25:12

The secret of the LORD is with them that fear him; and he will shew them his covenant. – Psalms 25:14

Whether it’s a fragrant grove
Or a valley with fresh water,
I will follow King Branham
And seek Heaven.
I will strive for the crown of Heaven,
Following King Branham every day.
Whether through forests or over hills,
Fearless, for King Branham will keep us safe.
I will strive for the crown of Heaven.

Praise be to the Lord.

My great-grandfather, Pastor Paul Bailey, was the first Reverend at the Church of Arcot. His son was Melchizedek Paul, whose son was Thambusamy Paul, and his son, George Paul, is my father.

Father T.M. George and mother G. Jessie

My mother’s name is Jessie, and her grandfather, Pastor Sawyer, served as a Reverend at the Church in Redhills. My father served in the military, while my mother worked as a nurse for the municipality hospital. I was born on February 11, 1944. I was dedicated and named at the C.M.C Central Church in Vellore by my grandfather.

I am the eldest child of my parents, and I have two younger brothers; Joshua is the middle child, and Selvadass is the youngest. My parents raised us with discipline and taught us the ways of the Lord. Our father would take us to Christian meetings, and we would attend, often fasting.

We used to attend the meetings led by Brother Bhatsing, Sister Saral Nowroji, and Brother Lawrie. During one meeting, Sister Saral Nowroji pointed out to me, “The sister wearing a white sari and a blue jacket, the Lord is calling you to His ministry.” I went home and declared, “I am going to pursue ministry.” However, as I was the only daughter of my parents, they did not permit me to engage in the ministry.

After marriage

In 1964, I had a vision of a coconut garden where an old man called me over. There were several pits dug out for planting saplings. He instructed me to plant a sapling in the first pit, which I did. Afterward, he attached a cardboard sign to a stick, writing the number 20 on it. I shared this dream with my parents, and they said they would look into it. Around that time, Brother Samuel visited our house and mentioned, “Brother Lawrie is conducting baptisms in Chittoor on the 20th. You all should come and get baptized.” So, my entire family went, received baptism from him, and subsequently, we all received the Holy Spirit through him.

I was eager to work for the Lord. On December 6, 1965, we got married, and during the ceremony, I took off all the jewelry I was wearing.

After our marriage, we served in ministry in Chittoor. Our ministry depended on the Lord; we lived a life of faith.

We ministered in villages, carrying a Bible bag, a band set, and tracts with us. Once, while we were on our way to a village, I fainted on the street due to the intense heat and hunger. My husband quickly ran to a nearby well to fetch water. Meanwhile, I lay unconscious on the road, pregnant with our first child.

After we got married, we had only the husks of wheat to eat, which were infested with bugs and worms. I would clean them, boil them in water, and eat them. As a result, both the child and I suffered from a lack of blood. Despite this, I would not go to the hospital for tests.

We would walk to villages and carry out ministry work under the hot sun, in the cold, and in the rain, often without food. We would stay in the villages for continuous stretches of ten days to minister to the people there.

When I was eight months pregnant, my amniotic sac breached. I stayed at home for six days while my husband continued with his ministry duties, there would be no one to take care of me. After that, my mother traveled from Vellore to Chittoor and took me to C.M.C Hospital. The doctor said, “Both you and your child are at risk,” and asked for my signature on the medical forms.

One day, the Lord spoke to me, saying, “Go home, and I will ensure you have a safe delivery.”

I told the doctors, “Discharge me. I want to go home.” They disagreed, warning, “If you leave, don’t come back because we won’t admit you.” I agreed, signed a statement to that effect, and went home. Early the next morning, I began to feel labor pains. The baby had three umbilical cord loops wrapped around it. A taxi was called, and I was advised to go to C.M.C. Hospital.

I responded, “The Lord said he would grant me a safe delivery.”

My husband was praying in the next room. I assured everyone, “Nothing will happen to the child or me.” Then, I gave birth. Thinking the baby was dead, they wrapped it in a cloth. My husband came in, prayed over the child, and the child came to life. Praise the Lord.

After that, the Lord instructed us to minister for ten days at Pakkala near Chittoor in the state of Andhra Pradesh. Since we had no money, we sold the watch my husband had given me as a wedding present and used the money to conduct ten-day meetings at Pakkala. During that time, Brother Shunmugam took a ten-day leave from work and joined us.

We didn’t know where we would stay. It was December, and we were holding the meetings in an open area. My son Branham was just five months old at the time. A man noticed us conducting the meeting with the child in the cold and brought his wife to us, saying, “Take them to our house after the meeting,” and then he left for night duty. They invited us to stay at their home for those ten days. Every day, more than a hundred people would come to the meeting in bullock carts. Many were healed through my husband’s prayers, and those who experienced healing would share their testimonies right there.

There were many Anglo-Indians in the area, and some of them dismissed our ministry as mere illusion. They plotted to stop the meetings and drive my husband away, so they bribed a drunkard with liquor to attack him. The man came toward my husband, yelling and causing a commotion, which made everyone start to run. However, he fell down at my husband’s feet.

The next day, we found the drunkard near a pigsty and told him about the Lord Jesus Christ. He accepted Jesus Christ and apologized, saying, “The Anglo-Indians asked me to drive you away by beating you. Please forgive me.” Thus, our ministry was powerfully carried out. Demons were cast out, the blind received sight instantly, the deaf could hear, the mute could speak, and the bleeding stopped. The ministry was indeed powerfully conducted.

After that, on a different day, while my husband was preaching, a terrifying magician arrived, causing everyone to flee at the sight of him. Nonetheless, the meeting continued powerfully. My husband usually closed his eyes while preaching. The magician approached me and asked, “What is his name?” I told him my husband’s name. He then picked up sand from beneath my husband’s feet, chanted mantra, and tried whatever he could do.

Feeling scared, I went up to my husband and said, “A magician is casting spells against you.”

My husband responded, “I asked you to pray with your eyes closed. Why did you open them? No one can harm me.” He then carried on with his message. My husband spoke in Tamil, and Brother Shunmugam translated it into Telugu. After the meeting, since the magician couldn’t harm my husband, he actually wished him well and even asked for some tracts.

The devil was trying hard to distract us from our ministry. I was battling severe typhoid fever and diarrhea. After five days, the Lord instructed us to conduct a ten-day meeting in Ambur. Unsure of how we would manage financially, we prayed, surrendering to God’s will. One day, while we were out, a police inspector named Meenaiya, knowing that we were doing ministry work, invited us to his house and generously gave us a hundred rupees in an envelope for our ministry. With that money, we traveled to Ambur. We arrived at the Ambur bus stand around 10 pm, unsure of where to go. So, we prayed, “Lord, we have come here heeding Your call. We don’t know where to go now.”

The Lord instructed, “You’ll find a railroad that runs through a cave-like structure for a certain distance. Near the forest, there is a wall by the cremation ground. Let your wife stay there.”

We followed the Lord’s guidance to the described location. My husband settled me on the small wall, then left to buy a milk tin and hot water. The darkness around me was overwhelming, making it difficult to see my surroundings or even see my child. With the baby crying, I sat there on the loose sand, cradling the child in my lap. Around 11 pm, three magicians came from the cremation ground and demanded sternly, “Who are you?” I was perplexed and didn’t know where I was.

Without responding to them, I silently prayed. The magicians lay down at some distance away. After a while, my husband arrived, having had trouble finding the way. As he accidentally stepped on the magicians, he asked me, “Who are they?” I didn’t know what to say. They took our tumbler, spoon, and plate. Just then, a man selling lanterns passed by, holding one to light his way. I told my husband, “Go and buy a lantern from that man. Only then I can mix the milk and feed the child.”

He went to the man, bought a lantern, and returned. As soon as dawn broke, we left the place. About two furlongs away, an old lady was standing in the street. The Lord had told her in a dream, “A servant of God and his wife, carrying a child, will come this way. You should prepare idly and groundnut chutney and serve them.”

When we passed by in the morning, the old lady said, “I’ve been waiting for you in the street. The Lord asked me to prepare idly and groundnut chutney for you.” She took us to her hut and served us breakfast.

We were unsure where to hold the meeting. As we prayed and moved on with the child, an old woman who worked as a nurse at the Municipal Hospital saw us.

She immediately asked, “Where are you going? Your wife has a high fever and can hardly walk.”

We explained, “We have come to do ministry for ten days at Ambur.”

She asked, “Where will you stay and conduct the meeting?”

“We don’t know,” we replied.

Without hesitation, she offered, “There is a cot in our hospital. Your wife can rest there. You can stay in the hospital and conduct the meeting there.” She then led us to the hospital.

We spread the word about the meeting, and it took place near the hospital compound for ten days. The Lord wonderfully helped us conduct the meeting at Ambur. Since I was unwell, my husband would lock me in with the child at 6 pm and go to conduct the meeting.

Afterward, he would visit various places to pray for the sick, returning around midnight. My son and I would wait, hungry until he returned. He would leave blended milk for us, but I was too weak to get up from the cot to feed the child. The child would cry himself to sleep.

My husband would return at midnight, blend the milk to feed the child, and give me something to eat. He also took care to wash our clothes at night. He too was exhausted from the lack of rest.

My father came to Ambur to check on me and brought tablets for me, but I refused to take them. One day, seeing my condition worsen, he took me to Vellore in a taxi. I was in such bad shape that my mother and brothers could hardly recognize me. I was then admitted to a government hospital, where I developed sores all over my body. The doctors said, “The infection has severely affected your brain and joints. You will die within 24 hours.”

I couldn’t even remember my child. After three months in the hospital, I was discharged and carried home by my father and others. The Lord granted me a complete recovery. Praise the Lord.

We returned to Chittoor, where the rent for our previous house was 15 rupees. The landlord asked us to leave. With our child in tow, we searched for a house in the rain, but we had no money. We couldn’t find any place available for rent. Eventually, we came across a cowshed located at the end of a small lane and managed to rent it for 20 rupees. We moved in and continued our ministry from there.

Once, as we were on our way to a village, it started to rain heavily. Brother Shunmugam was with us. There wasn’t a single tree for shelter. We navigated the narrow paths between fields until we reached the village, completely drenched. As soon as we arrived, I would light the lantern, play the band, and sing to gather a crowd. Meanwhile, my husband would pray. We placed our child on the roadside during the meeting. Afterward, my husband prayed for the sick, and as they were healed, they shared their testimonies on the spot. We were then offered a place to stay in a hut. That night, our child developed a severe fever. We prayed, dedicating our child to the Lord, and by sunrise, the fever was gone. Praise the Lord.

Back in Chittoor, when our elder son was 11 months old, he passed away due to severe diarrhea and vomiting. At that time, I was pregnant with my daughter Angel, and the loss made me fall ill and bedridden. We were out of food, which made things worse. Upon seeing our son dead, my husband, in his grief, hit his head against the wall. The wall was made of mud, and a broken piece of a bottle embedded in it pierced his forehead, causing him to bleed.

With tears in his eyes, my husband prayed, “I left my job to serve in your ministry, Lord, and now my child has died in this way.” After a while, our son came back to life. Praise the Lord.

I was approaching the time for my second delivery. Since my mother was a nurse, she took me to the doctor. After examining me, they said, “She is anemic and weak.” Despite my weakness, I continued to travel from village to village with my husband to do the Lord’s work. In my extremely weak condition, the Lord blessed me with my daughter Angel through my second delivery. Praise the Lord.

One day, we went on a ministry trip. By the second day, my child was crying continually due to a lack of milk. We had no money to buy milk and had to walk for more than ten kilometers. At that time, my brother Joshua traveled from Vellore to Chittoor to visit us. Finding no one at home, he looked through the window and saw all our pots and pans covered in dust, with the dog and cat lying on the stove. He cried, realizing that the stove hadn’t been lit for many days. When we returned home with the children, seeing them crying made him cry too. Then, my brother went to the shop, bought milk and groceries, and provided milk for the children and food for us. The Lord is indeed alive.

When we were in Chittoor, I developed a painful and swollen eye, rendering me unable to open it. My elder son was suffering from diarrhea, and my daughter was dealing with eczema. All three of us were in pain. My husband was away at the ministry. Holding both children in my arms, I sang, “Oh, what a pleasure is the heavenly pleasure.” A believer, an old lady, saw me through the window and called out to me. Unable to get up, I sat there as she entered my house. She commented on my happiness and ability to sing despite the severe hardships, and then she went to her house, brought back food, and offered it to me. Praise the Lord.

We had our first two children while we were ministering in Chittoor. During that time, we went to Nungambakkam, Chennai, for ministry. Every week, we would travel from Nungambakkam to Saidapet to hold a meeting at Sister Masgreen’s house. There was no offering box, and no one gave tithes. In critical conditions, we would go there, conduct the meeting, and return. No one inquired whether we had food or not. Sometimes, due to a lack of money for electric train fare, we would walk from Nungambakkam to Saidapet to conduct the meeting. At times, we would carry our children along the railway tracks in the rain to get to and from Nungambakkam after the meeting.

At that time, we had some lentils at home. I took them to a shop and asked for rice in exchange. The shopkeeper generously gave me a bagful of rice. However, we had no kerosene to boil the rice. We resorted to burning old, torn papers. The water didn’t boil properly, so my children and I had to eat rice that was not fully cooked. We couldn’t even afford salt, so we often ate the rice plain. Many times, we and our children would pray and go to bed without having any dinner.

Brother Ravikumar lived in Nungambakkam too. He used to hold Bible Studies at his house every Wednesday. One day, he visited our home to invite my husband to lead the Bible Study that Wednesday.

I told him, “We’ve been starving for days. My husband is so weak that he’s bedridden. He can’t lead the meeting.”

Brother Ravikumar took us to a restaurant, bought us dosas to eat, and then took us to his house to lead the meeting. There was a small shop at the corner of the street where he lived. The shop opened at night and sold milk. He introduced my husband to the shopkeeper, saying, “Give him whatever he needs whenever he comes here.”

At our home, we often had nothing to eat. We would wait for the night, for the shop to open. After it opened, we would buy peanut candy and two cups of milk, and that would be our meal before going to bed. We spent many days like this.

After completing our ministry in Nungambakkam, we moved to Nazareth in Tirunelveli to continue our ministry work. We held a three-day meeting there, attended by believers from abroad and seven churches. However, those who attended our meetings faced consequences. They were not allowed back into their churches unless they produced an apology letter.

We suffered for eight to nine months, unable to pay the house rent. Both of our children went hungry, and water scarcity became a severe issue. My husband had to go to pools and lakes to wash our clothes, but soon even those water sources were depleted. There was no water left in the well for us to drink. We were in a lot of distress. Despite this, we conducted meetings in our house.

Someone noticed us singing and praying, and he offered us a bag of rice. My husband initially refused to accept it, but the man insisted, and we ended up taking it. However, we didn’t even have water to cook the rice, nor did we have wood for cooking. Even when we tried to burn dried leaves from papaya trees and other fallen foliage, the rice would not boil. We ended up just eating the soaked rice.

Everyone in that place was a Christian, and there were seven churches. We lived near the Trumpet Church. Because we were new to the area and were continuing our ministry, baptizing people in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, some people felt threatened. They even went as far as hiring a murderer to get rid of us, telling him that we needed to be killed or driven out of the village. We were unaware of this danger, continuing to travel to villages to preach the gospel, baptizing people in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and returning home at night.

People were hiding under the bridge to attack us, but we were unaware of it until much later. The murderer himself eventually told us about it and asked for our forgiveness.

One summer night, we were sleeping outside, having locked the door. The area around us was open. My husband and our elder son were asleep, but our daughter was still awake. So, I was holding her in my arms, trying to get her to sleep. Around 9 PM, a group of five men, armed with large knives and flashlights, started shouting. From 9 PM to 11 PM, they yelled, “Who is Pastor Thomas? I will cut him, his wife, and his children into pieces.” I woke up my husband and told him, “There are men outside shouting your name. Everyone else who was sleeping outside had gone inside their houses. We should go inside too.”

My husband, still half-asleep, said, “Nobody can harm us. Do not be afraid,” and then he went back to sleep.

The street was silent when one of the men picked up a stone to throw at my husband’s head, his large knife strapped to his wrist. We had a bamboo fence outside, which he kicked down and started running towards us. At that moment, a black dog in that house bit him on the leg. He dropped the stone, and we quickly went inside and locked the door. The men came back, shouting and banging on the door. We turned off the lights, and they tried to find us with their flashlights through the window.

In fear, I accidentally stepped on the children and told my husband, “Let’s go through the back door.” He said, “Don’t go. Those five people have surrounded the house.”

We knelt down in the kitchen and prayed. The Lord said, “I will rescue you from the hands of the enemy.” But I was still scared. They continued their attempts until 3 o’clock in the morning, while we prayed in silence.

Our house owner was the maternal uncle of the murderer, who had already committed three murders. There was a door connecting our house to the house owner’s. We went through that door to the house owner’s side. When the murderer found out we were in his uncle’s house, he came there and demanded, “Send them out. We are going to kill them.”

The house owner stepped outside and said, “Come back tomorrow and do whatever you want, but don’t cause any trouble now.” He managed to make them leave. The Lord saved us from these violent people in the new place. Praise be to the name of the Lord.

The next day, as my husband was walking down the road, the murderer approached him, fell at his feet, and said, “I am the one who came to your house and caused trouble. Please forgive me. I will not do this again.” He added, “I had already planned three times to murder you by stabbing, but God did not allow me to do that.” After spending some more days continuing our ministry there, we moved to Kodambakkam, Chennai.

When we were doing ministry in Tirunelveli, we had to go to a village. Due to a strike, bus and auto services were halted, so we ended up walking while carrying our first two children and a band set. At that time, many new jeeps were on the road.

My husband said to me, “Those jeeps are empty. It would be helpful if one of them could give us a lift.” However, all the jeeps just passed by us. Suddenly, a jeep from the opposite direction approached. My husband wondered aloud if the jeep might give us a ride. To our surprise, it stopped near us. The driver rolled down the window and asked, “Where are you going?”

My husband explained, “We are going for a ministry event. We are walking because there are no buses or autos available.”

Immediately, the driver told us to get in the jeep. He explained, “I noticed you while I was driving past. I guessed that you were going for a ministry event since you were carrying a band set and tracts. I drove almost two kilometers away, but my heart was so moved that I felt I should give you a ride, so I turned back.”

He asked us where we needed to go and kindly dropped us at our destination, which was almost twenty kilometers away. The Lord led us in an astonishing way. Praise the Lord.

In 1969, we were living in a house with a tile roof in Chittoor. Due to heavy rain, the toilet and kitchen, which were outside, collapsed. Only the bedroom remained standing. At that time, my husband was away in Pudukottai for a 15-day ministry event.

The rain was relentless, accompanied by a storm, and the bedroom wall began to get wet and crumble bit by bit. The area was flooded due to the heavy rain. We had no oil for the lamp and no matchbox, so we were left in the dark, with only the lightning providing intermittent light. I was scared that the upper floor might collapse. Feeling utterly alone and unsupported, I decided to go to a believer’s house for shelter. So, I picked up both children, locked the door, and left the house at 1:30 am. The floodwater on the road reached up to my hip. Since our house was near a hill, the water was deep.

I struggled to walk through the water while carrying the children. At that time, my husband, unable to find a bus after completing his ministry, arrived in Chittoor by lorry. He saw us in the light by the lighting and called us. Frightened, thinking it might be someone else, I quickly walked through the floodwaters. When he reached us, he asked, “Where are you going in the middle of the night?”

I replied, “The house is about to collapse due to the rain. I am going to stay at a believer’s house.”

My husband said, “Don’t go anywhere. The wall will not fall on us,” and took us back home. We prayed through the night without sleeping, each of us keeping a child in a corner away from the wall. The Lord protected us.

Despite severe hardship, we carried out our ministry for three months. While we were there, I suffered having 27 boils on my underarm but didn’t go to the hospital. My son, Branham Moses, was three years old, and my daughter was one year and three months old. They helped me in small ways: bringing water in small vessels, washing clothes, cleaning dishes, and sweeping. When I was in pain, they would pray for me and bring water. I endured more than three months of suffering, but the Lord granted me good health. Amen.

After that, we moved to Tirunelveli. I was pregnant with my second son, Elson. Due to a lack of proper food at that time, I developed an ulcer. When Elson was two months old, a young girl came to help me. Her mother had committed suicide by setting herself on fire. We were unaware that she was influenced by that spirit.

We believers were praying in one room, while the baby was in another. We asked the girl to watch the baby. Suddenly, we heard the baby cry. When I checked, I saw that the baby had vomited. I changed the baby’s clothes and returned to prayer. Later, my uncle Fredrik accidentally entered the room and was shocked to find the girl stomping on the baby’s chest while holding onto the wall. The baby wasn’t crying at that moment because she had been stomping on him for a long time, which significantly worsened his condition. His chest was swollen, his limbs were lifeless, and his eyes were closed; he had no pulse. I laid the baby on the table and called everyone to pray. We all joined hands and prayed together, and then the baby moved his body.

Sister Dr. Max Green was also there, and she said, “The baby wouldn’t have survived. It is the grace of God.” The baby cried throughout the night, but after that, he enjoyed good health. Praise to the name of the Lord.

When we were in Tirunelveli, we visited my husband’s aunt in Secunderabad. On our return journey, I fell face down in the train while I was ten months pregnant. The baby was in pain and stopped moving, and my stomach turned black. Fellow passengers on the train suggested we visit a hospital, but we prayed and entrusted everything to the Lord, who protected us.

Since we were in the forests of Tirunelveli, I was admitted to the hospital four days before my delivery was due. We needed old saris, so we asked a sister for help, but she said she didn’t have any to give. At that time, my mother sent me two white saris with a floral design. Praise the Lord.

In the hospital, we were without proper food for four days. On the fourth day, I went into labor pain. The doctor noticed how weak I was and initially decided not to attend to me. However, she eventually brought some Horlicks from her house, mixed it, and then attended to my delivery. She encouraged me to say, “Praise the Lord.” Although I was too weak to raise my hand, she helped me lift it and say, “Praise the Lord.” At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, my youngest son was born.

A lady, seeing our situation and realizing that my husband couldn’t afford tea or coffee, offered me her blended Horlicks. Around eleven at night, I was sweating terribly, feeling as if I were on the brink of death. We had no food, and there was only old water in a pot in the corner of the room. My husband gave that water to me and the children.

There was a lady there, and I waved my hands and called her, asking if she could give me five rupees. She kindly gave me the money. Then my husband went to the shop and bought bread and tea for us. Someone from the neighboring room offered us a table fan to use, asking us to return it when we were leaving. The lady doctor provided me with meals, meat, fish, and other food items for five days. God is good, and His grace endures forever.

Eventually, we returned home. Since we didn’t have any milk for the baby, we bought some finger millet and made porridge from it. When that ran out, we prayed with tears, expressing our inability to afford milk for the baby. Just then, my husband was called to the post office because we had received a parcel. My mother had sent two large tins of milk powder. Even in the forest, the Lord provided for our needs.

When our youngest son George was two months old, he contracted a disease called swab. During my pregnancy, I consumed a lot of palm fruit as we had no other food. He nearly died even when he was just a baby in my arms, but the Lord granted him a complete recovery.

As I was very weak and lacking in energy, we went to a government hospital. We took our youngest two children with us and left the older two at home. In the hospital, I was given B1 and B12 injections. Within ten minutes, my tongue turned blue, and my face swelled up. I couldn’t walk, and my husband was unable to take me to the doctor for treatment while carrying both babies in his arms.

At that time, unexpectedly, Brother Samuel from Chittoor came to the hospital along with his wife. They took care of our children. One of the doctors said to me, “Go to the emergency ward”. I was administered with injection again. I was told, “We will admit you in bed if you have choking in the heart”.

After a while, I had a heart choking. I was immediately admitted in the hospital. Senior doctors said that I was in B1 injunction allergy and I had to stay in the hospital for four days.

There was a half wall behind me. My husband was struggling with the two children. Without milk both the children were crying in hunger. I turned to consciousness at 5 pm in the evening. I didn’t know where I was. I got up hearing the cry of the children. Still, I had the giddiness. I went to the lady doctor and said, “We have left two of our children alone in the house. Two babies in the arm are crying here in hunger. Let us go home”.

The doctor said, “We cannot send you”. I approached another doctor and cried explaining everything. That doctor said, “Will you be able to come to the hospital if you get the choking and reaction again at night?” I said, “I will come”. He discharged me.

We got a bus and came to our place with the babies. From the bus stand, we reached home on a walk. I got choking and reaction again at about 12 am in the night. As soon as we both knelt down holding hands and recited the verse Matt 18:18, “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven”, the choking and reaction have vanished. I was heavily sweating. The Lord came down and granted me good health. Praise to His holy name.

At that time, unexpectedly, Brother Samuel and his wife from Chittoor came to the same hospital, and they took care of our children. One of the doctors told me, “Go to the emergency ward.” There, I was administered another injection. They informed me, “If you experience heart palpitations, we will admit you to the hospital.”

Soon after, I started to experience heart palpitations, and I was immediately admitted to the hospital. The senior doctors diagnosed me with a B1 injection allergy and said that I needed to stay in the hospital for four days.

Behind me was a half wall, and on the other side, my husband was struggling to manage the two children. Without any milk, both children were crying from hunger. I regained consciousness at 5 p.m. and, I didn’t know where I was, I got up upon hearing the children crying. I was still dizzy as I approached the lady doctor and explained, “We have left two of our children alone at home. Here, two babies are crying from hunger in our arms. Please let us go home.”

The doctor responded, “We cannot let you leave.” Desperate, I approached another doctor, explained the situation through tears, and pleaded for release. That doctor asked, “Will you be able to come back to the hospital if you experience the palpitations and allergic reaction again tonight?” I assured him, “I will come back.” He agreed and discharged me.

We took a bus back to our place with the kids. From the bus station, we walked home. Around midnight, the heart palpitations and allergic reaction returned. As soon as my husband and I knelt down, held hands, and claimed Matthew 18:19, “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” the symptoms disappeared. I was drenched in sweat. The Lord had intervened and restored my health. Praise to His holy name.

We thought that the rapture would take place only at the Ashram in Tirunelveli. A brother referenced a message by Prophet Branham stating, “The rapture will happen all over the world.” After knowing that, we left the place. At that time, I had only one sari and no skirt. Sister Suganthi, a teacher who was there, gave me a skirt to wear. My husband cut his shirt and stitched a jacket for me. Then, on December 31, 1974, we took a train and arrived in Vellore on January 1, 1975.

Life in Vellore was challenging with our four children. Later, we moved to Ranipet, where we rented a house for 60 rupees. We also rented a house for prayer in Vellore for 60 rupees. Every Sunday, my husband would cycle from Ranipet to Vellore to conduct church services. No one would attend, so he would pray alone and then return home.

A few months later, my husband went to vacate the prayer house as no one was attending the prayer service. Despite a sudden rain and flood that seemed to try to prevent us from vacating the place, my husband managed to do it. From that day, both my husband and our son Branham became ill with typhoid. Branham got typhoid for the second time. His eyes were closed, his head drooped, and his arms and legs wouldn’t move when we tried to lift him. We had no money. I walked from Ranipet to Arcot, got a pushcart, laid my son on it, and took him to S.M.H Hospital. The doctor said he needed to be admitted because his condition was severe. I explained our financial situation to the doctor, received medicine, and returned home. Meanwhile, our other sons, Elson and George, became very weak. After we sought the Lord’s forgiveness, He restored everyone’s health.

During our time in Ranipet, due to the family’s situation, my husband went to Bangalore in search of a job. I struggled greatly with the children for three months, not even having a penny to buy a matchbox or write a letter to him. Then, we experienced a storm and heavy rain. The house flooded, and with no electricity, I could only see the children when lightning flashed. The floodwater slowly entered the house. At midnight, I went outside and tried to clear the water away with a shovel.

For several days, we had no electricity. A neem tree nearby had been cut down, and a six-foot brown cobra from that tree entered our house. Since we lived in a house with a tiled roof, the snake came into our home and stayed there. At night, it would catch rats and eat them on our roof, and the blood would drip down. The snake remained in our home. One day, while my son Branham was sleeping with a fever, the snake dangled from the rafters, coiling its tail and showing its face near him.

Neighbors came to kill the snake, but when they saw it, they said, “It is our family god,” and left. Many people asked, “How can you and your children stay in a house with a snake?” I replied, “The Lord is with us,” and we stayed in that house for over a year. The Lord protected us. After my husband found a job at C.M.C. Hospital, we moved to Vellore, and later the old house collapsed, and the snake died.

We lived at 59/1 Old Town in Vellore. My husband began working at C.M.C. Hospital as a Laundry Manager. From the day he started the job, no one in the family was feeling well. Even though he had taken the job, the Lord did not allow him to continue working because we were called for full-time ministry. The children started falling sick, one after the other. Then my husband asked the Lord for forgiveness and resigned from his job, stating in his resignation that he wished to leave the job within 24 hours.

The General Superintendent told my husband, “Your son is just thirteen. Please think it over carefully.” However, my husband quit his job, and from that day, the health of the children began to improve. When we move away from God’s will, He corrected us back. We promised to continue doing the ministry, we carried on with our ministry despite the difficulties.

From that day on, we faced many hardships. We didn’t have enough food for our children. They would go to school hungry. We lacked proper clothes, a mat to sleep on, and cooking vessels. We stored drinking water in a cement drum. We were unable to buy biscuits for our children, and we and our children prayed to the Lord many times just for biscuits. We would share a single cup of tea that cost 25 paise among the six of us. Often, we didn’t even have the money to buy that tea. Because we didn’t have enough food, we sometimes couldn’t send the children to school. We went through terrible hardships.

My parents gave us many things when we got married. We gave some away and sold others to help people. Others looked down on us for being poor for God’s sake, but we still thank the Lord.

Our house had a tile roof, and we didn’t know a big wooden beam was rotting. One day, when my husband was lying under it, he heard the beam cracking. Thinking a rat was chewing on it, he shooed the rat away and lay back down. However, the beam and tiles were actually coming loose. His younger brother Jeevan Kumar noticed and warned him to get out of the way. He quickly got up and moved. If he had delayed, the collapsing roof could have fallen on him and caused serious injury. The Lord’s grace saved us. Praise be to the Lord.

While we were living in the old town, a large lizard accidentally fell into the pot where our rice was boiling and died. Since we didn’t have any more rice to cook, my husband took the dead lizard out, prayed over the rice, and then served it to us. Our children and we ate it, and nothing happened to us. The Lord protected us.

When we lived in Ranipet and Vellore, we collected sofas and chairs from places like juice bars and brought them home on rented bicycles. We would then replace the damaged plastic wires with new ones by hand-weaving. We didn’t really know how to weave, but we learned by looking at the old patterns. After weaving, we’d return them and earn 20 or 30 rupees, which we used for our ministry and our own needs.

Brother Ravikumar worked at a company called General Surgical Corporation in Chennai. He asked my husband to make very small Teflon pistons with precision, which would be used in surgeries for the deaf. My husband made these tiny Teflon pistons by hand at home. These little earnings were useful to support our family and our ministry. However, because making Teflon pistons for the company took time away from our full-time ministry, my husband eventually stopped making them.

In 1981, the Lord revealed to my husband the thunder mysteries and the new name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Around that time, I experienced chest pain and suffered for three months, but the Lord protected me. During this period, the Lord spoke to my husband, and he prophesied many things. Whenever he knelt down to pray, the anointing of the Holy Spirit would lift him a foot off the ground.

As the Lord revealed the thunder mysteries with my husband, many servants of God and believers came from different places to hear the message, day and night.

The Lord provided for our ministry’s needs in amazing ways. Praise the Lord.

Sis and Bro.S.Thomas

Significant Events in Brother S. Thomas’s Ministry

  • In 1984, we moved from Vellore Old Town to the C.M.C. Colony in Sathuvachari. We set up a tent over our house and held church gatherings there every Sunday.
  • From 1985 to 1990, we met in believers’ homes in the evenings for communion services. We also held church services at our home on Sundays and Wednesdays, and for five days a week, we held services in the homes of believers. Sometimes, we didn’t have money for bus fare to attend meetings in believers’ homes, so we would walk to and from these meetings. We held these meetings consistently for five years, through rain and cold, and many believers attended. My husband shared messages that God revealed to him, sometimes using a blackboard to explain things. On several occasions, when it rained during our meetings, he would command the rain to stop in the new name of the Lord, Christ Branham, and it would immediately stop. Believers witnessed this.
  • In September 1984, a three-day meeting was held at a school in K.K. Nagar, Chennai, organized by believers from Chennai. My husband led Bible studies on the “Seven Seals” and “Third Pull.”
  • In 1985, a three-day meeting took place at The Super Church in C.M.C. Colony, Sathuvachari, Vellore. Many believers came from different places to hear my husband preach the message of thunder and left feeling blessed.
  • Then, from June 17 to 23, 1985, believers in Korattur, Chennai, organized seven-day meetings. My husband spoke about Thunder mysteries, including topics like “The New Name of the Lord,” “Third Pull,” and “Tent Vision.”
  • Also in 1985, servants of God and believers recognized my husband as a leader, reading the first chapter of Joshua and declaring him as the true Joshua, promising to follow his guidance. They proclaimed, “The sword of Christ Branham is the sword of Thomas, the seventh angel.” A brother even gave him a stone from Sabino Canyon, where the Sword of The King Christ Branham was received.
  • My husband shared the message about Thunder mysteries in places like Chennai, Nilgiris, Tiruchi, Bangalore, Andhra Pradesh, and Odisha.
  • In 1992, several days of meetings were held in Barbil, Odisha, arranged by Odisha believers. He preached the message on Thunder mysteries there, and many believers from Tamil Nadu attended. These meetings were a great blessing to all who attended.
  • The Lord vindicated his ministry on multiple occasions through the appearance of a pillar of fire, first occurring at a three-day meeting in C.M.C. Colony in 1984.
  • Every Sunday, our church met at the C.M.C. Colony in Sathuvachari, Vellore. Because it was a bit far for some believers, we also gathered at Sreenivasa Nagar, near the bus stand in Vellore.
  • From 1986 to 1997, each January, we held special meetings lasting three or four days at the Thuluva Vellalar Marriage Hall in Gandhi Nagar, Vellore.
  • In 1985, pastors and believers of The Super Church organized a procession from the C.M.C. Colony to a marriage hall in Gandhi Nagar, Vellore, where the meeting took place. Believers from many places attended the service.
  • Later that year, the pastors and believers again had a procession from the gathering place at Sreenivasa Nagar to the marriage hall in Gandhi Nagar to hold another meeting.
  • During these special meetings at the marriage hall, my husband, with the help of the Holy Spirit, shared messages that unveiled the hidden mysteries of God from Genesis to Revelation, along with mysteries hidden in the messages of Christ Branham.
  • For several years, on the night of December 31st, as a Church, we would rent a private bus equipped with a microphone and speaker. We traveled around the villages in Vellore to preach and share the truth about the end times with the people, and we distributed tracts about the message.
  • We distributed tracts of Christ Branham and books containing his teachings to Christians in many villages throughout the Vellore District. Sometimes, my husband and I would travel to several villages to hand out these tracts and books.

Events that Happened in Our Parents’ Final Days

In August 2006, our father had trouble urinating, which caused his body and legs to swell. He experienced suffocation and was in a lot of pain. On August 25th, we admitted him to C.M.C. Hospital. The doctors treating him said that his kidney was not functioning properly and that he needed immediate dialysis. He stayed in the hospital for 25 days to receive treatment. Since his kidney was severely affected, the doctors advised that he would need ongoing dialysis.

From 2006 to 2009, our father underwent dialysis three times a week at C.M.C Hospital. During the treatments, his blood pressure would often drop, his eyelids would rise, and his pulse would weaken. He would experience suffocation, requiring oxygen, and he often vomited. Our family and other believers prayed fervently for him, which helped stabilize his condition. Sometimes during dialysis, blood would leak from the tubes connected to his body, soaking his clothes and bedding. Despite these challenges, the Lord kept him safe. Lying on one side for hours during dialysis caused him body pain.

Even in this condition, he kindly inquired about the well-being of the hospital staff. At home, he couldn’t lie down properly and often slept sitting up, sometimes hitting his head against the wall or bed, causing pain and cries. On sleepless nights, he will claim the promises from the Bible and pray.

The continuous dialysis drained much of his energy. The amputation of his leg affected blood circulation, causing severe leg pain. For over three years, he endured intense itching. His itching intensified, preventing him from sleeping day and night, and he would ask us to pray for him. Due to his weak heart, the doctors couldn’t treat him immediately.

Diabetes severely affected his eyes, and he underwent treatment at Agarwal Eye Hospital in Chennai, where he received injections in his eyes to control internal bleeding. He also suffered from dental decay, constipation, and piles.

Even in these tough times, he spoke kindly to the believers and relatives who visited him. Believers would also call him on the phone, and he would offer them counsel and prayers.

As he couldn’t bear the suffering in his body, he would pray and cry out to the Lord, saying, “Since my youth, I have sacrificed everything for You and served in ministry through hardships. Now, I can’t endure this physical pain. Why are You putting me through such agony, like repeatedly squeezing sugarcane even after all its juice is extracted?”

Despite the critical situation, he confidently declared the promises in the Bible and from the Spoken work of Christ Branham’s messages. He prayed fervently, claiming these promises with renewed hope and understanding. Even with his physical weakness, he continued to pray and provide strength to his wife, who was confined to her bed.

For the believers from abroad, he would deliver the message through the internet (video conferencing) and email and reply to their questions from the Bible and the proclaimed word. He composed the English message of One Lord God and Two Messiahs and his life history.

For believers overseas, he delivered messages through the internet, using video conferencing and email, and responded to their questions with reference from the Bible and from the Spoken Word message of Christ Branham. During this time, he also wrote an English message about “One Lord God and Two Messiahs” and shared his life story.

On Wednesday, May 20th, 2009, he returned home after undergoing dialysis. Shortly afterward, he developed a severe fever. We took him to the hospital around 10 pm that night. As the infection worsened, we admitted him to C.M.C Hospital, where he received dialysis for two days. On Friday evening, he requested his son to read the first chapter of 1 Corinthians. However, before the scripture could be read, he was taken for another round of dialysis.

During the dialysis that night, his blood pressure dropped, making it difficult to continue the treatment. He struggled to breathe and needed oxygen. As his physical condition deteriorated, he was moved to the ward, and they couldn’t proceed with the dialysis. It was early Saturday morning, around 1:45 am. Right after he was moved into the ward and the doctor attempted to set up a ventilator, he passed away on the stretcher, precisely at 2 am.

We brought him home from the hospital around 6 am. Believers, relatives, and friends from various places came to see him. Throughout the night, believers sang, read the Bible and the Spoken Word messages of Christ Branham, and prayed. The next day, Sunday, at around 5 pm, he was laid to rest in a Christian cemetery.

In accordance with the prophesied word of Christ Branham, the ministry of the true former rain, which is the teaching rain, was fulfilled in the east, specifically in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. We continue to believe and wait for his return to carry out the latter rain ministry, which is the ministry of power, again.

Our mother, alongside our father, successfully carried out their ministry. Since her marriage in 1965, she endured everything with patience for the Lord, living a life full of zeal for Him despite facing all kinds of hardships, struggles, tribulations, sicknesses, and disgrace.

During her time in ministry, she endured a lot, which led to health issues like high blood pressure and heart problems. She suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes for many years. In July 2006, she had a stroke, which impaired the functioning of her left hand and leg. She was treated at C.M.C Hospital and stayed there for one and a half months. Four months after her discharge, due to high blood pressure, we admitted her to C.M.C Hospital again. Her limbs were not functioning, and she lost the ability to speak. In this condition, as she couldn’t eat through her mouth, food and medicine were given through a tube inserted into her nose. The doctors explained that if food was administered through the nose for an extended period, she could develop an infection. Therefore, they recommended providing food through a hole made in her stomach.

The Lord by His grace allowed her to gradually start eating food and drinking water by mouth again. However, as our mother’s condition deteriorated, the doctors eventually said, “We can’t do anything more, so you should take her home.” After being brought home, she was bedridden for four years. Although she couldn’t walk, she sang every day and asked us to open the Bible in front of her, reading it silently to herself before praying. Despite her great suffering, her faith in the Lord never wavered. She remained confident that the Lord would restore her health and always managed to maintain a happy, smiling face.

My mother was admitted to C.M.C Hospital on July 11th, 2010, as she was suffering from a high fever and a cold. The next day, July 12th, around 10 am, she passed away in the Lord. We brought her home on the evening of July 13th. Many believers and relatives came from various places. Throughout the night, believers sang songs, and read the Bible, and the Spoken Word messages of Christ Branham in prayer. The following day, July 14th, which was a Wednesday, around 5 pm, she was laid to rest next to our father in the Christian cemetery in Vellore.

Believers, family members, and relatives prayed for him and his wife during their personal prayers, family prayers, and in the Sunday services.

Our father and mother both experienced a lot of physical suffering at the same time, from the year 2006 to 2010.

During their time in the hospital and at home, they were helped by family members, believers, and housemaids.

Our mother was kind to believers, relatives, neighbors, and everyone she met.

Despite facing difficulties in the family, they always tried to help the poor as much as they could. Our mother used to write down the ‘messages of thunder mysteries’ delivered by our father in a notebook (since there was no facility to record them on a tape recorder in those days) starting in 1982. Our father would then review these notes and send the notebook to other Super Churches. In this way, they compiled these messages into books and shared them with many churches. They always kept a Bible with them.

Our mother wrote many meaningful songs for the Super Church. Once after the Lord completely healed her from her sickness in response to her prayers, she composed a wonderful song.

A thousand tongues are not enough
to praise the Lord,
For the countless good things
He has done for us.

 He has given us food to eat,
Clothes to wear,
And a place to live – (2 times)
Let us all adore Him,
Praise Him and exalt Him – A thousand tongues.

 The Lord is with us
Wherever we go – (2 times)
Judgment for the world, but grace for us,
Let’s rejoice in receiving them – A thousand tongues.

 The paths of the righteous
Are affirmed by the Lord – (2 times)
All these promises
Are for the bride – A thousand tongues.

 Let’s fulfill the Lord’s will,
Not our own – (2 times)
Let’s obey the words He told us,
And do God’s will – A thousand tongues.

 By the grace of the Lord,
We have not perished – (2 times)
Let’s remain in His grace,
He will never abandon us – A thousand tongues.

The Testimonial Journey of Our Father

Our father spent most of his days in ministry praying and waiting in the Lord’s presence. He always read the Holy Bible and the Spoken Word messages of Christ Branham. He wrote down the messages revealed by the Lord from the Bible and the messages of Christ Branham. Often, he would spend long hours into the night writing messages given by the Holy Spirit.

From the day he dedicated himself to the Lord’s ministry, he always carried his Bible with him wherever he went. He fasted and prayed once a week, even when he was sick or physically weak. He spent a week preparing the message for Sunday’s service with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. To prepare for the Sunday church service, he would start getting ready from Saturday. Before church gatherings, he would spend time in the presence of the Lord to receive the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The clothes, shoes, watch, bed, table, chair, air conditioner, and two-wheeler he used were given by believers and his children.

Christ Branham stated in his message that a true believer should prioritize God first, God’s people second, their own family third, and themselves last. He lived his life according to this principle. Whenever believers, relatives, or strangers visited his house, he showed them love and respect.

He did his best to help believers and the poor who were facing difficulties. From the tithes and offerings, he received from believers, he always set aside one-tenth.

Until the end, he lived in a rented house and carried out his ministry. He never bought any land, a house, a car, or other properties in his name or in the names of his family members. He also didn’t save any money in the bank under his or his family’s names. The Lord provided for his ministry and his family’s daily needs, proving Himself unchanging, the same yesterday, today, and forever.

Since 1981, despite facing critical situations, he spent day and night writing messages about the thunder mysteries. He made numerous copies using Roniyo and Cyclostyles and sent them to believers in India and abroad who followed Prophet Branham.

He preached hundreds of messages, with nearly 500 of them recorded on tape. He also published over a hundred messages in books and tracts.

When he preached, believers helped by recording his messages on tape recorders and translating them into various languages.

Believers helped him in printing many messages about the thunder mysteries in tracts and books through The Voice of Heaven Publications. These were sent both within India and abroad and published on the website

People from Asia, Africa, Europe, America, and Argentina have accepted and believe in the truth of the messages about the thunder mysteries and the new name of the Lord Jesus Christ is Christ Branham.

Some of the miracles performed in Brother S. Thomas’s ministry

  • A woman in C.M.C Hospital, Vellore, was close to death due to TB. The doctors had said her recovery was unlikely. The woman’s parents asked Brother Thomas to pray for her. Right after he prayed earnestly, she got up, and began to eat and walk. Within 2 or 3 days, she was discharged from the hospital.
  • The mother of Brother Tharanipathy Daniel from Chennai fell and fractured her hip. Since she was very old, doctors said it would be difficult for her bones to heal. However, as soon as Brother Thomas prayed earnestly for her, her broken bones were joined. Praise the Lord.
  • Sister Binitha Gurudiya from Rourkela Church in Odisha had a tumor in her stomach. Doctors at C.M.C Hospital, Vellore, planned for surgery. However, after Brother Thomas prayed earnestly, the tumor disappeared. The doctors re-examined her, found no tumor, and canceled the surgery. Praise the Lord.
  • Sister Christina Doss from Chennai was suffering from cancer. When Brother Thomas prayed for her earnestly, the cancer disappeared. Praise the Lord.
  • Sister Sunamite’s husband, Brother Sam from Chennai, was in a coma following a car accident. The doctors said there was nothing they could do. Sister Sunamite reached out to Brother Thomas and asked him to pray for her husband. As soon as Brother Thomas prayed fervently, Brother Sam regained consciousness and returned to normal. Praise the Lord.
  • Brother Ravi from Mumbai fell from a train and went into a coma after hitting the back of his head. When Brother Thomas prayed with authority, Brother Ravi recovered. Praise the Lord.
  • Sister Rachel from Barbil, Odisha, was bitten by a snake, and foam started coming out of her mouth. Her family called Brother Thomas to pray for her. Right after he prayed for her with authority, the poison left her body. Praise the Lord.
  • Through Brother Thomas’s prayers, many childless women were able to conceive.
  • Brother Ratnam from Odisha reached out to Brother Thomas by phone, informing him that Brother Suresh Babu’s wife was experiencing excessive bleeding and needed prayers. Brother Thomas commanded immediate healing for her. The next day, Brother Ratnam contacted Brother Thomas again and informed that as soon as he commanded, she was completely healed. Praise the Lord.
  • Brother Timothy’s son from Chennai was suffering from a fever for several days. Doctors found that his heart had enlarged and there was a hole in it, which was causing the persistent fever. He was advised to be taken to Egmore Child Care Hospital. That night, Brother Timothy contacted Brother Thomas by phone. Brother Thomas commanded in the name of Christ Branham that everything would be fine. Afterward, doctors examined the boy and confirmed he was alright. Praise the Lord.
  • Radhakrishnan, the uncle of Brother Kasa, is a friend of Bro. Doss from Chennai, was suffering from cancer. He had been unable to eat and had no sweating for many days. When Brother Thomas visited Chennai, he prayed for him. After the prayer, Radhakrishnan felt hungry, went to a hotel, and ate. He was healed, his sweating issue was resolved, and he began to sweat again. The Lord performed many miracles through Brother Thomas’ ministry.

A passage from the messages of Christ Branham

Just take the minister today, if he has the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and he knows that if he preaches that Word, it’s going to cut his fame down; it’s going to put him in a little bitty church somewhere, or maybe out on the street. But he knows that something in his heart is burning. He sees the Coming of the Lord. He doesn’t care whether that he has a big church or a little church. He doesn’t care whether he has today’s food or not no food. He doesn’t care whether he has good clothes or he doesn’t have good clothes. He’s only mindful of one thing, and that’s the very Life within him crying out. He’s trying to achieve something for the glory of God, and that man, in doing so, will act the very Life of the Spirit that’s in him. Do you follow me? He’ll act it out. – 60-0308 – Discernment Of Spirit